Meet the eFootball.Pro casters of the 2020-21 season

Adam Butcher will host this season of eFootball.Pro, with Harry Channon as commentator

This season of eFootball.Pro will feature some familiar faces, beyond just on the field. Adam Butcher and Harry Channon will be returning for another year of excitement and competition analysis. The PES experts were asked a few questions regarding their experience in eFootball.Pro and their expectations for the upcoming season. 

Adam Butcher has made a name for himself as a tech influencer, esports host, and commentator. Working in the world of PES since 2015, he has been involved with various events. Some of these include the PES League World Finals, In Milan, Barcelona, London, and Cardiff, as well as eFootball.Pro. This will be his third season in a row appearing in the eFootball.Pro competition. 

Harry Channon, commentator for the 2020-21 season, is no stranger to the game of PES, as he has been playing since Pro Evolution Soccer 5. His career includes commentating the 2019 PES League World Finals, the WESG Championships, the leSF Qualifiers for Europe, the UEFA eEuro 2020 competition, as well as various friendly and charity events. This will be his second season commentating eFootball.Pro, noting that the eFootball.League programs are the highlight of the events he works on.

Harry Channon: “The passion on display was immense, and I thought to myself there and then, 'this is a special competition'.”

What is your favorite eFootball.Pro moment?

AB: My favourite eFootball Pro moment was walking out of the tunnel and introducing the first-ever live show, because I knew this could be something special! 


HC: The one immediately that springs to mind, has to be the last minute winner for Barcelona against Juventus on Matchday 1 of the 2019-2020 season. It was my first experience of commentary within the league, and to see the raw emotion poured out from the players after stealing a valuable result, it was akin to the reaction of real-world footballers when they score a last minute goal. The passion on display was immense, and I thought to myself there and then, 'this is a special competition'.

What is your favorite thing about working in esports?

AB: Fantastic people, so much drama and excitement, and above all, witnessing some tremendously talented players, doing what they do best! 


HC: While I enjoy the travelling and new experiences, I always enjoy watching the highest skilled players hone their craft, and prove it on the biggest stage. As a former competitor, there is definitely something beautiful about seeing countless hours of effort, combined with skill and experience, all come together at the right time. It can provide some amazing moments, which are so memorable.


What are your thoughts on AS Roma and Galatasaray SK joining the clubs list?

AB: Two huge clubs in world football, another example of just how big this competition is becoming and I can't wait to see them in action, when they join up with the rest of the other superpowers! 


HC: Two massive clubs in the world stage! Galatasaray are the most successful teams in Turkey, and have some real weapons at their disposal. I'm looking forward to what their chosen representatives can come up with tactically to make the most out of them. As for Roma, they were one of the clubs I used to play Master League with! I'm a huge Totti fan, so naturally I am very happy. Both clubs will be thrown into the deep end in their first eFootball Pro season, but I think fans of both teams have cause to be cautiously optimistic.


What are your predictions for the upcoming season?

AB: Ups and downs, twists and turns, it will go to the wire, because there are some hugely talented teams. Last year's (eFootball.Pro Cup) winners Bayern München will again be a huge threat, as will Monaco, with a world champion, a semi-finalist and one of the brightest young players in the game in their midst. But I can probably name maybe five teams that I could see, on paper, lifting the trophy. Juventus has one of the game's greatest ever players, newcomers AS Roma have assembled a brilliantly experienced squad, as have Arsenal, and I also expect a shock or 2 from some of the more inexperienced teams. Expect fireworks!  


HC: I think the "big three" from the past seasons certainly remain the favourites, especially considering none of the clubs have changed their lineups for the season ahead: 'Bayern München', who are eFootball.Pro Cup Champions of course; 'AS Monaco', eFootball.Pro Season Winners before play was suspended, may have a point to prove after being bested in the eFootball Pro Cup competition that followed; and finally 'Juventus', who are always dangerous, and seemed to be hitting their stride last season. Any time those three match up, it's bound to be a firecracker and potential for the match of the week. Other clubs to look out for, 'Manchester United' who approach the season with an unchanged lineup, the new look 'Barcelona' squad seemingly built around THE PALMA, and 'Arsenal' with an entirely new lineup as well.

Adam Butcher: “They have the talent, now it's down to their mentality, have they got the stomach when it really matters... we shall see!”


What are your thoughts on the new players that will be competing this season?

AB: Much of what I said in the previous question. They may be possibly less well known, but they are here for a reason. They have the talent, now it's down to their mentality, have they got the stomach when it really matters... we shall see!

HC: They're coming into an absolute shark tank this season. This is the pinnacle of PES Esports, it's not going to be easy. They'll have to be at their very best. Players like Urma (FC Schalke 04) helped guide his Romania side to the eEURO 2020 semi finals, seemed very impressive in 1v1 play; we'll see if that translates over to 3v3 gameplay. Nice to see some of the players that were participating in the eFootball.Open competition last season reap the rewards of their hard work as well, players such as umbee96_ & PataNegra7 (Celtic FC), as well as Mucahit21 (Galatasaray SK) will come into the league with a point to prove.

Check out the live stream of eFootball.Pro’s first matchday of the season on Saturday, December 12th, to see Adam and Harry back in their element! 

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