IL DISTRUTTORE44 took home the final best goal award for Juventus

The Italian club was presented with their second award of Matchday 9 following an incredible six point victory

IL DISTRUTTORE44’s shot in minute 47’ of Game 2 of Juventus’ fixture with Manchester United FC was recognized by KONAMI as the best goal of the ninth matchday. It was the first of three goals for Juventus in the second game, contributing to the overall 3-2 result that earned Juventus three points and created the eventual six point total. 

After a scoreless first half, the noteworthy play began immediately after halftime starting in ETTORITO97’s possession. He made a diagonal pass to teammate LoScandalo, who was waiting in the middle of Manchester United’s side of the field. Without giving the English club’s defense enough time to correct their positioning, he sent the ball up to the front of the penalty arc where ETTORITO97 was positioned. IL DISTRUTTORE44 ran up and took the iconic shot from inside the penalty box right in front of Manchester’s goal. Despite Kams10_’s goalkeeping effort, the ball made its way into the net and put Juventus on the scoreboard with their first successful shot of the game, which ultimately earned them their second win of the day. 

This is the second €10,000 prize of the 2020-21 season for IL DISTRUTTORE44, after being recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the fifth matchday. His two awards account for half of Juventus’ four total awards, tying them with FC Barcelona for the most prizes achieved throughout the season. This recognition, in addition to LoScandalo’s MVP award from Matchday 9, made the Italian squad’s skills clear as they worked their way into the first place position in the league and secured automatic qualification for the Semifinals of the Knockout Stage. The competition goes live on Saturday, June 5th on the Official PES YouTube and Facebook channels. 

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