Arsenal FC’s barboza is presented the best goal award of Matchday 6

The Portuguese player’s standout shot aided in maintaining his club’s first place position on the league table

Arsenal FC’s barboza is the first player to achieve an award in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ for the Gunners in the 2020-21 season. KONAMI has chosen his shot in minute 67’ of the first game as the standout goal of Matchday 6. This notable moment equalized the result between Arsenal FC and AS Monaco, following a first goal by Kilzyou. While the Monegasque club was ultimately victorious in Game 1, barboza’s shot helped the English club avoid a sweep and began the momentum that led to their 1-3 win in the second game, allowing both clubs to walk away from the competition with three points and successfully maintaining Arsenal FC’s position at the top of the league table

The goal began with a free kick of Arsenal FC’s in minute 65’, with commentators noting that the English club had experienced good luck with them in the past. INDOJAWA was responsible for beginning the play, from in front of the right side of the penalty arc, with INDOMINATOR positioned on the opposite side of the arc. barboza was waiting inside the penalty area, directly in front of AS Monaco’s line of defense. INDOJAWA first kicked the ball forward to barboza, who then sent it right back as INDOJAWA was running into the penalty arc. Monaco’s Kilzyou intercepted the ball and attempted to move it out of the Monegasque club’s side, however INDOMINATOR managed to regain possession quickly and passed back to barboza who was waiting in between the center circle and penalty arc. Moving the ball back towards the goal, he sent the ball to INDOJAWA who received it just outside of the penalty arc, and made the final move to execute a back heel kick to barboza who took the ball inside the penalty area and made his award winning shot from just outside of the goal area. 

Commentator Harry Channon referred to barboza as the “sleeping giant” in the league, pointing out the skill that has been anticipated from the Portuguese player. He noted that this shot marked barboza “finding his goal-scoring form” once again in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. While this goal wasn’t enough to win the first game, it exemplified the entire team’s technical skills and high-level knowledge of the game. These skills resulted in the Gunners’ Game 2 win, which led commentators to claim that Arsenal has proven that “they can take any team in the league.” The award-worthy goal was a major contributor to the English team’s continued placement in first place as the sixth matchday came to an end. 

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