Alex Alguacil’s shot in Matchday 7 earns him the best goal award

FC Bayern München received their first individual award of the Regular Season for Alex Alguacil’s Game 1 goal

Alex Alguacil won the first award on behalf of the reigning eFootball.Pro Cup champions, FC Bayern München, for his shot in minute 10’ of the first game in the Matchday 7 featured match against FC Barcelona. This goal contributed to the eventual 1-2 win for the German club, which paired with the 1-1 draw in Game 2 to add four additional points on the league table. The results maintained FC Bayern München’s 8th place position in the league at the conclusion of the seventh matchday, and kept them in the running to potentially break into the top six ranks and qualify for the Knockout Stage before the end of the Regular Season. 

The award winning play came just minutes after Bayern captain JOSE’s first goal of the day that put his club on the scoreboard by minute 4’. It began with Alex Alguacil running up the left side of the field, then passing the ball to JOSE, who continued all the way up into the penalty area. He then kicked the ball back to Alex Alguacil, who executed a perfect cut behind turn just outside of the goal area, successfully evading ALEX GRD’s defense. From that point, he sent the ball past ALEXR and directly into FC Bareclona’s goal. Commentators claimed that this gameplay proved that FC Bayern München was “starting to find their goal scoring form” and that the other clubs in the league should be worried about the skill being displayed. 

In the league overall, the FC Bayern München club representative is ranked within the top ten players for shots taken, shots on target, and  key passes. He is also ranked 10th in CO-OP points earned from the beginning of the season through Matchday 7, with 20,981 points. Throughout the Regular Season, the German squad has been unable to break into the top six positions, however commentators pointed out their impressive performance against former first placing FC Barcelona. While only positioned in 8th place, they still have the potential to reach a qualifying position by the conclusion of the season. 

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