The_Palma is the recipient the best goal award of Matchday 5

The FC Barcelona player’s display of PES skills and expertise through a bicycle kick that put his team in the lead resulted in his recognition with the best goal award from the competition held on February 22, 2020

The_Palma took home the best goal award for his impressive shot made in minute 76' during the second game of Matchday 5, where his team, FC Barcelona, faced first place ranking AS Monaco. This is the second award won on behalf of a representative of the Blaugrana team, following HenrykinhO's recognition as Most Valuable Player of the fourth matchday.

Coming right after an equalizing own goal scored by FC Barcelona, they needed this award-worthy shot to keep the chance of defeating the Monegasque team alive, while also proving their skill as an elite team after the unfortunate blunder. This goal was the moment that brought FC Barcelona into the lead, which they maintained until the conclusion of the game, marking the end of AS Monaco's undefeated run throughout the eFootball.Pro season.

Kilzyou's skillful manual goalkeeping deflected a shot by FC Barcelona, leading to HenrykinhO's corner kick that ultimately resulted in this award-worthy goal. The kick was received by GuiFera who headed the ball just outside of the goal area, moving it into reach of The_Palma. The Spanish player quickly executed an expert bicycle kick shooting the ball into the top corner of AS Monaco's goal, immediately praised as a "sensational strike" and "superb finish" to the play by the matchday commentators. 

Commentator, Harry Channon, observed: “They have scored some absolute thunderbolts so far, and that one might be the pick of the bunch, accurately predicting which goal would receive recognition from Konami and eFootball.Pro as the top shot of the entire matchday. Stewart Westley, eFootball.Pro pundit, commented on the talents possessed by The_Palma, who is “technically gifted enough to use those skills, and how they have the potential to make all the difference in a match. I've pointed out that this type of gameplay is riskier, but comes with more rewards and is the type of competition he wants to see from the other players, referring to the FC Barcelona player's use of skills as “individual brilliance.”

This shot marked the momentum shift the team needed to move forward, and score one last goal to guarantee their win against the Monegasque team. Commentators remarked: “No one really expected them to do as much damage as they have here, admitting they weren't sure FC Barcelona would be the team to break AS Monaco's impressive undefeated streak in the 2019-2020 season. Commentators predicted that if the Blaugrana club continues to showcase this type of skill and execute shots like The_Palma's, they have potential to be a "real force" moving forward.

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