An impressive display of skill moves earns Alex Grd the best goal award of Matchday 4

The returning eFootball.Pro player is recognized for his award-worthy goal that contributed to Arsenal FC’s rising position in the league table

Arsenal FC's Alex Grd was recognized by Konami and eFootball.Pro with the best goal award following his performance in Matchday 4, specifically for his impressive shot made in minute 50' of the second game in the match. This came as a welcome lead for the English team, after losing a closely fought round to their competition, FC Nantes, described by host Chris Parrott as “quite possibly the greatest comeback of the eFootball.Pro season”, giving the Arsenal FC squad that much more to prove in the following game. Alex Grd, Christopher,  and  S-Venom were ranked last at 10th place going into the matchday, facing FC Nantes, which was the closest team to their ranking while still in Knockout Stage contention at 6th place.  

Less than ten minutes after Channon admitted that the team he was “worried about” was Arsenal FC, and at that point in the game FC Nantes had “nothing to worry about”, Alex Grd showed the commentator that Arsenal still had a stake in the game by bringing the score to 0-1, giving the English club the lead in “dramatic fashion”. The play began with Alex himself gaining possession of the ball right past the halfway line, then passing it forward to Christopher and moving forward to position himself in front of the penalty arc. From this point, he received the ball from Christopher after an expert move, deceiving the French competition by letting the ball pass, out of their defenders' reach, then moving quickly into the penalty box where he executed skillful dribbling and “wonderful footwork", and was able to shoot the ball successfully into the opponent's goal. 

Harry Channon, eFootball.Pro commentator, praised the English player for his unforgettable gameplay and award-worthy goal, stating: “It was Alex Grd stepping up once again for his team. He has such a way with goals, we saw it in the previous eFootball.Pro season, playing for his adversaries here.” Bringing up the prior season of eFootball.Pro, he is referencing when Alex Grd played as a representative for FC Nantes, where he was tied for second highest amount of assists throughout the season and awarded the title of Most Valuable Player of the final matchday of the season. Channon mentions that he views Alex as a strong competitor at this point in the season, observing: "Players are expecting to create and do damage, certainly all of these positive things are coming through Alex at this point."

Commentators pointed out that, at this point in the competition, they have been expecting players to start taking bigger risks in the game, especially if they want to play successfully in the Knockout Stage and attempt removing AS Monaco from their unwavering first place ranking in the league table. They commended Alex Grd for delivering on the request, with his goal coming from “executing skill moves, when you rarely see skill moves in eFootball.Pro.” When presented with his award for the standout goal, Alex pointed out that it wouldn't be possible alone, claiming: “Christopher gave me a good pass. After, I played like they do in my club, and tried to do some skills, and it worked this time. I hope it will work again.

At this halfway point in the Regular Season of eFootball.Pro, Alex Grd is ranked among the top five players for best defender, with 8,363 points, and sits at 4th in proactive defending with 5,701 points. Arsenal FC is currently one ranking away from Knockout Stage contentionWith only one point between their 7th place position in the league table, and FC Nantes' 6th, they have the opportunity to qualify if they continue to play at a high skill level. The English squad is set to face Boavista FC in Matchday 6, and with a difference of just two points between the clubs, it is an important moment in the season that has the potential to change the standings dramatically.

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