EL_Matador’s shot stands out as the best of Matchday 2

The German player puts FC Schalke 04 in the spotlight after his goal leads to their Game 2 victory against FC Bayern München

Of the forty goals scored by eFootball.Pro IQONIQ players throughout the January 16th competition, it was EL_Matador’s that caught the eye of KONAMI and ultimately won the best goal award of the second matchdayThe German club representative executed the impressive shot in minute 22’ of Game 2 against FC Bayern München, contributing to the overall score of 3-2 that brought victory to FC Schalke 04, and three points to the league table. 

The standout goal immediately captured the attention of commentator Harry Channon, who predicted the prize stating: “Somebody get the pencil out for that €10,000 check.” It was the second of three goals scored in the second game, with the other two put on the scoreboard by the club’s rookie, Urma. The three point accomplishment was a huge advancement compared to the German derby of the 2019-20 season, which had concluded with two shutout wins in favor of FC Bayern München and zero points for FC Schalke 04. Channon continued with his praise, calling the shot by EL_Matador “absolutely spectacular.” 

Harry Channon: "They’ve stepped up in a big way. Now is the true test."

Leading up to the sensational shot, the play began with Bayern attempting to clear the ball from their side of the field. This plan was intercepted by Urma directly outside of the penalty area’s left corner. He then passed the ball to EL_Matador, who had strategically placed himself inside the penalty area, close to the left corner of the goal area. It was from this spot that he sent the ball successfully into the top right corner of the goal, doubling FC Schalke 04’s lead in the game. The noteworthy aspect of this shot took place when EL_Matador opted out of the traditional approach to the playwhich would have included choosing normal shooting (□ only) or control shooting (R2 + □). Instead, he expertly confirmed the position of Bayern's keeper, MESTRE,  then selected a loop shot and scored the award winning goal.

In addition to his newly earned prize, as teams entered Matchday 3, EL_Matador was also ranked within the top five players in defense, with 3,265 points. Channon noted that the German match could have the potential to define their season, stating: “That's as good a half of eFootball I’ve seen played by Schalke in my two years commentating eFootball.Pro. They’ve stepped up in a big way. Now is the true test.”  This elite gameplay has helped contribute to FC Schalke 04’s current 2th place position on the league table, with the same amount of points (12) as first placing FC Barcelona. 

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