Lotfi: “We’re on our way to being in the top six”

Closely ranked AS Monaco and Juventus hoped for better results, and look towards future matchdays for additional points

AS Monaco and Juventus made up the final fixture of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Matchday 8. Each club walked away with one win and three points by the final minute, with a 1-3 victory earned by both teams. The results placed them closely ranked on the league table, with AS Monaco in 2nd and Juvents in 3rd as the match concluded. Lotfi and ETTORITO97 interviewed with Harry Channon on behalf of their teams about the day’s results. 

Lotfi was up first, recapping the competition: “They were two very hard games, like we thought they would be. In the first game, I think we defended very well. We had good attacking, and it was the perfect match. The second was very hard too. We tried to defend as well as possible, but they scored two goals that were impossible to defend. I think it would’ve been possible to take four points, but three points against Juventus is a good result. I think we’re on our way to being in the top six.”

ETTORITO97: "We are playing to win the competition, because we're so close."

Channon inquired next about their upcoming opponents, Galatasaray SK. Lotfi replied: “It won’t be easy. They’re last, but they’ve won before on other matchdays. I think they can take wins against all teams. In all games, they never play bad. Maybe they haven’t had good results, but we know they won’t be an easy opponent. We’ll work and try to take the maximum amount of points to make sure we are in the top six.”

In the final interview of the day, ETTORITO97 reacted to the gameplay: “They were two great games. In the first one, we were unlucky because I hit the post, then they scored the leading goal. We had chances before but we didn’t score. We know that if you don’t score, you can’t win. In the second game we started well, leading, and the match changed. We’re happy, although we were a bit unlucky in the first one.”

Looking towards Matchday 8 where Juventus is scheduled to face FC Schalke 04, the club captain analyzed their next opponents: “It will be a difficult match. As you can see in the league, all teams are really close with points. We’ll train like always and this time we hope to get the maximum amount of points in both games. We are competing to win the competition, because we’re so close. We’ll do our best.”

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