Lotfi: “We hope to get our revenge next year”

AS Monaco became the Knockout Stage runner-up after losing to Juventus in the Final

AS Monaco’s first matchup of the Knockout Stage was against Arsenal FC in the second Quarterfinal. They achieved an aggregate score of 4-2, which advanced them past the Gunners and into the Semifinals where they would face AS Roma. Lotfi spoke on behalf of his club with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon. 

Channon congratulated Lotfi on “passing the first test” and moving on to the next stage of the competition, asking him how he felt about the games. Lotfi replied: “We’re happy to win. Arsenal is a very good opponent, they did a great job in the league with their gamestyle and positioning. It’s never easy. Normally, our strength is our attacking skills. We have some difficulties, and we know we have to defend well to win matches. I think we defended well in the two games, so I’m happy with how we played. We did what we needed to score our goals.” He then acknowledged his opponents: “I want to congratulate Arsenal for their season, they did very well. Now we’re focusing on the Semifinal, and we hope to win the Final.”

Looking towards the Semifinal, he spoke about his next opponents: “AS Roma is a very good team. They’re good at attacking. We’ll have to defend well and not concede goals. I think with our precision in attacking we can score in all games. We know it’ll be difficult, but we’ll do our best.”

Following a 0-2 aggregate score achievement against AS Roma, Monaco secured themselves a spot in the Final to battle Juventus for the title. Lotfi looked back on the match: “It was very close. As I said before, it was very important for us to defend well, and we did. I think we did a great job. They only shot one time in two games. I’m happy with how we defended. We’re happy to be going to the Final. We’ll do our best work to defend our title.”

He then addressed his club’s feelings about their upcoming Final against Juventus: “It will be very hard. It’s the Final, and it’s only one game. I think anything is possible. We hope to play at our best level to have the luck you need in a single-match Final. We hope to win.”

Lotfi gave his final interview of the day after AS Monaco became the runner-up in the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Knockout Stage. He analyzed the competition: “It was a very hard game. Like we knew before, the Final is one game and you need a bit of luck to win. They had it in extra time but they also played very well. Congrats to Juventus for the title. We are sad to lose, but I think we can be proud of what we did this season. It wasn’t easy, and this wasn’t our goal because our goal was to win the title, but it’s not a bad result.”

With his last comments, Lotfi thanked the Monegasque squad’s fans: “Thank you for the support throughout the whole season, AS Monaco fans and the French community. We hope to get our revenge next year. Thanks to all for the support.”

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