Lotfi: “This year it’s going to be very difficult to win two games”

AS Monaco admits disappointment following their first loss of the season, and AS Roma hopes to maintain momentum of first game success in Matchday 2

Harry Channon, eFootball.Pro commentator, spoke with representatives of both AS Roma and AS Monaco following the matchup that resulted in each team achieving one win and three points by the end of the January 16th competition. This was the first loss experienced by the Monegasque club, which hadn’t occurred until Matchday 5 of the 2019-20 season.  

RoksaCzv22 of AS Roma first spoke with Channon, asked about his feelings after taking three points from the match.  He acknowledged the positive and negative aspects of the day: “We played the first game well. We beat one of the best teams in the league. After the second game, I don’t know what to say. They won almost everything.” Taking AS Monaco’s past success into account, Harry continued with his praise of the Italian team: “Any team in the league would be happy with that result.”

RoksaCzv22: "We beat Monaco, why not beat Juventus?"

When the team captain was asked how his team plans to train for the upcoming Italian derby against Juventus in Matchday 3, he confidently responded: “We will prepare the same as we do for others. We will try to finally win both games. It’ll be difficult but I think we can do it. We beat Monaco, why not beat Juventus?”

Channon then turned his attention to the AS Monaco trio, asking if they were disappointed after only taking three points to the league table. Team representative Lotfi confirmed: “Our target is to always win the two games, at the minimum to get four points. We’re not happy with this result. I think this year it’s going to be very difficult to win two games. During the first game, it was difficult. We made some mistakes and we paid for this in the first game. In the second, we played our game, it was more normal. We’re happy with the second game, not the first.”

Looking towards their next match, where they will face FC Barcelona, Harry asked what preparation will look like for the Monegasque squad over the next two weeks. Lotfi explained: “We always prepare in the same way, we have for more than two years. We work, we train, and we focus. If we play our game, we are the best. We will train at the maximum and work to win against Barcelona. They play differently than many teams, but we’ll work at this.”

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