Lotfi: “In terms of mentality, it’s not easy”

AS Monaco celebrates their rise back up the league table, and FC Schalke 04 aims to stay within the top rankings

In the final matchup of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Matchday 4 FC Schalke 04 and AS Monaco competed in two games that resulted in all six points going to the Monegasque club and the German club moving down to fourth place. MeroMen of FC Schalke 04 and Lotfi of AS Monaco spoke with commentator Harry Channon following the excitement. 

Harry first asked MeroMen to discuss the outcome of the games. The team captain explained: “We didn’t start well in the first game, but we had a great comeback. It’s always a difficult situation if you score four goals and get no points. We have to play better. We have to pass better in the game, our passing was not good. In the end, Monaco deserved the second win. The first game was a bit unlucky, but the second was deserved.”

MeroMen: "It’s always a difficult situation if you score four goals and get no points."

As FC Schalke 04 looks to prepare for the fifth matchday, Channon asked how the German squad felt about their upcoming competition against Celtic FC. MeroMen confirmed: “We want four points against Celtic. Four or six points is our target. We want this, and we’ll practice over the four weeks for this goal.”

In the last interview of the day, Channon began by congratulating the Monegasque team on their six point accomplishment. Lotfi recapped: “They were crazy games. The first game, I think we had a perfect first half. In the second, Schalke scored three goals in fifteen minutes. It’s very difficult when you lead 2-0 then you’re losing 2-3. In terms of mentality, it’s not easy. Fortunately, Kilzyou scored three goals after and he permitted our team to win that match. This was an important part of the first win.” Regarding the second match, he stated: “Each game was very difficult. Yes, it was 4-0, but it wasn’t a normal 4-0 game. Congrats to Schalke, they’re a very strong team.”

Finally, as they anticipate their next match against Manchester United FC, Lotfi stated: “Manchester is a very good team. We know that they’re a strong team with strong players. We’ll train like always to be ready for this game. We already know that it’ll be very difficult like all games. But we’ll train and hope to take the maximum number of points.”

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