Kams10_: “We knew that if we played our game, we could score goals”

Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC come to terms with three point gain in Matchday 3 as they hope for more moving forward

eFootball.Pro commentator Harry Channon spoke with representatives from both Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC following the English derby on January 30th that ended with each team taking three points to the league table. 

Channon began by asking Kams10_, of Manchester United FC, what his feelings were following their 2-0 loss and 2-4 victory against their English opponents. He replied: “We’re a bit disappointed by taking only three points. In the first match we started the game very good, we had the chance but we were unlucky to hit the post at the beginning of the game. That, for me, changed the destiny of the game in general.” He went on to reflect on the second game: “We played the same, we managed to keep the good feeling that we had at the beginning of the first game in this second game. We knew that if we played our game, we could score goals. I’m proud that we showed this in the second game. It’s better than taking one point.”

INDOMINATOR: "We're always aiming to get six points from each opponent."

He was then questioned about the upcoming matchday, where Manchester United FC is set to face the current first place team, FC Barcelona. Kams10_ admitted: “It will be a tough game because Barcelona has a lot of skilled players on their team.” He noted specifically: “ALEX GRD, I know he’s a very strong player, a very clever player, so for sure they’ll be hard games but we’ll prepare it in the best way. As always, we’ll represent Manchester United and try to be the best.”

Arsenal captain, INDOMINATOR, was next up for an interview. Looking back on their performance, he analyzed: “Since we knew it was going to be a difficult battle against Manchester United, in the first half of the first game, I think everyone could see we had trouble building up from the back. They were pressing high and covering all of the pass lanes from us. We have to change our style.” In retrospect, he noted: “In the second game, we were a bit too enthusiastic, playing too directly. We should’ve played more on possessive that game. Finally, I think we can be happy with the three points."

Harry concluded the interview questioning how the English squad felt looking towards their next match against Juventus. Acknowledging their abilities, INDOMINATOR admitted: “Juventus is, just like Manchester United, one of the favorites. They are much more experienced than United, so it’s going to be more difficult. For Juventus, we need another game plan. We can’t play offensively as we did today. We have to work defending well as a collective. It’s going to be difficult to get six points against Juventus, but we’re always aiming to get six points from each opponent.”

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