Juventus’ path to victory in the eFootball.Pro Regular Season and KO Stage

Take a look at the Italian club’s journey that earned them two first place positions and €100,000 collectively

The performances of ETTORITO97, IL DISTRUTTORE44, and LoScandalo led Juventus to the top position on the league table when they needed it most, at the end of Matchday 9, as well as 1st place in the Knockout Stage of the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. The Italian trio entered the season after ending the 2019-20 competition in 3rd place. Their first opponents were FC Bayern München, who they were closely ranked with after the German club were the reigning runners-up of the previous season. The club's skills were put to the test and they ended both games in a 2-2 draw, placing Juventus in 8th place as the first matchday concluded. 

In Matchday 2, they were the second team in the league to face Galatasaray SK. The Turkish club was only one ranking away from Juventus on the league table after being placed 9th. The first game was a 2-2 tie, and the Italian club was victorious in the second with a score of 2-4. This brought them up to 3rd place by the end of the day. Their third matchup was against the other new team of the season, AS Roma. They experienced their first shutout loss in Game 1, and made up for the poor outcome with a shutout victory in the second game after LoScandalo achieved a hat trick. The three point gain only dropped Juventus one ranking, to 4th place, as the matchday came to an end.

Next up, they faced Arsenal FC as they entered Matchday 4 only two rankings apart, with the Gunners in 6th. The closely fought games ended in a 1-1 draw and a 2-1 win for Arsenal FC, with ETTORITO97 scoring Juventus’ only two goals of the match. The results sent the Italian down to 7th place on the league table. They went into the fifth matchday with a fixture against the first placing team at the moment, FC Barcelona. Juventus stunned fans and their opponents by taking all six points with victories of 1-2 and 0-4. The impressive results returned them back to the 4th ranking in the league. 

Juventus’ sixth opponent was Celtic FC, with the Scottish club entering the day in 9th place. In two high scoring games, Celtic won the first game 2-5 and the Italian trio took the final three points after a 3-2 victory. With this gameplay they were able to maintain their position on the league table. Matchday 7 featured another fixture between Juventus and the first placing team at the time, now AS Monaco. Each team achieved a 3-1 victory, adding three points to both of their rankings and raising Juventus’ position up to 3rd place. 

Their second to last fixture of the Regular Season featured gameplay against FC Schalke 04, who entered the day only one rank below Juventus in 4th. A 0-1 result in favor of the German team gave Schalke the first three points, and the 3-1 final score of Game 2 gave the following three points to Juventus. The outcome of the match sent the Italian squad down two rankings, ending the day at 5th place. The final match of the Regular Season included two wins for Juventus against Manchester United FC. The 1-0 and 3-2 results earned Juventus all six points as well as the top position on the league table for the first time in the 2020-21 season, and the €70,000 that came along with it. 

Their first place position secured them a spot in the Semifinals of the Knockout Stage, where they played against FC Schalke 04. After a 3-2 win in the first game, and a 1-2 loss in the second, their tied aggregate score forced a third game where the Italian squad emerged victorious and advanced themselves to the Final. Juventus and AS Monaco went head-to-head in the Knockout Stage Finalwhich featured a goal by the Juventus captain ETTORITO97, two by his teammate LoScandalo, and one from their opponent Kilzyou. The 3-1 result earned the Italian team the final win of the season, championship title, and the €30,000 prize. 

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