JOSE: “We have the DNA of the best team in the world”

Despite FC Bayern München’s iconic six point achievement, it wasn’t enough to bring them in to the top six positions by the end of the day

AS Monaco and FC Bayern München went head-to-head in the fourth fixture of Matchday 9, with the Monegasque club already qualified for the Knockout Stage and the German squad needing all six points for the chance to even depend on the final matchup’s results. While FC Bayern München managed the incredible feat of winning both games against AS Monaco, the outcome of the last fixture ultimately led to the end of their run for Knockout Stage contention. The interviews with Lotfi and JOSE were conducted prior to the conclusion of the entire matchday. 

Commentator Harry Channon first spoke with Lotfi after the Monegasque squad’s first matchday where they were unable to gain even a single point. Lotfi explained: “With games like those, it’s hard because we train very hard. We conceded a crazy goal in the first game. I’m not really sure what to say, they scored their goals. For us, it was impossible. There’s not a lot to say about the games. When you can’t even make two passes, it’s difficult.”

Lotfi: "We'll see if we can play our game in the Knockout Stage. If we can't, it'll be very hard to achieve a good result."

Channon then asked how AS Monaco was approaching their potential competitors in the Knockout Stage. Lotfi responded: “It’s not important which team we play. If we have to play against some of the big teams in the league, we’ll try to work at the maximum level, as always. We’ll see if we can play our game in the Knockout Stage. If we can’t, it’ll be very hard to achieve a good result.”

JOSE was next up to interview with the league commentator, who congratulated FC Bayern München on the incredible back-to-back wins. The German club captain began: “Playing against Monaco is always difficult because they’re probably the best team in the league. They have very good players, there’s a three-time world champion, the top goal scorer, and the top assists provider. Congratulations to them on their season, they’re amazing.” He then went on to look back on their season: “It was difficult for us to show our normal game style. What’s most important is scoring goals at the right moment. We hope this historic comeback will put Bayern in the top six.”

He then addressed FC Bayern München fans about their season: “This has been amazing for us. They’ve been patient and supportive, even when we were last on the table. We know how to work and improve, we detected the mistakes at the beginning of the season. We had bad luck in some games. We’re Bayern, we have the DNA of the best team in the world. I hope karma acts in our favor.”

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