JOSE: “We are in second position, it’s time to enjoy”

The German derby ended with two victories for FC Bayern München, and both captains analysed the match

FC Bayern München’s captain JOSE spoke for the very first time in the interview zone and showed his enthusiasm with the result of the German derby: “We are very excited because it’s very difficult to get all six points”. He also analysed their rivals: “The style of play of Schalke today was very hard for us, because it’s as if they were looking for a draw.” “We are now in the second position of the table and winning Schalke is very important for the club too, so we are very happy with Matchday 3”, he said.

Then, Harry Channon asked him about their games on Matchday 4. JOSE answered: “Boavista is a very smart and technical team. It will be very hard because Pedro [Barboza] is a very smart guy, he is the captain of the team. They analyse the way we play, we are going to work hard like for all the Matchdays.” “Now it’s time to enjoy”, he concluded.

The excitement of FC Bayern München contrasted with the result of FC Schalke 04. EL_MATADOR was happy with how they played, but noticed some problems: “We played very well, with a good build-up. In the 50-50 situations we were a little bit unlucky. Our forwards and our wingers are too slow and not good enough. We didn’t create many chances and that’s why we lost 1-0 and 1-0.”

On February 8th, Schalke 04 will face FC Barcelona in the opening match of the day. “We trained several times against Barça and beat them several times so I think it’s a 50-50 game”, EL_MATADOR said.

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