JOSE: “Nobody should doubt that we’re coming back”

FC Bayern München is still hopeful for successful run after a disappointing result in Matchday 3, as Celtic FC celebrates adding four points to the league table

Following a shocking conclusion to Matchday 3, Harry Channon spoke with the FC Bayern München and Celtic FC team captains about the result, which included a win for the Scottish club (3-2), and a draw (2-2). 

First up for an interview was FC Bayern München’s JOSE. After Harry acknowledged that the result wasn’t what the German squad had been hoping for, JOSE agreed: “We’re not happy. We’re upset, because we’re looking for at least four points.” Quick to turn the mood around, however, he added: “Nobody should doubt that we’re coming back. We’ll finally stay where we deserve, so let's see what’s going to happen in next week’s competition.”

Jorcha: "I’m very proud of my team. We know how to play and score goals."

As they looked to put their underwhelming performance in the past, JOSE spoke of the upcoming Matchday 4 where Bayern will face AS Roma for the first time in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ history: “They’re a really strong team. We know, for example, that RoksaCzv22 is one of the best defenders and one of the best players in the league. Now we need points, every week we need at least three points to reach the top six. It’s been a bit disappointing because we’ve been training a lot in the past weeks, but we don’t show our level on the matchday. That’s something to improve.”

For the final questions of the day, Jorcha spoke with Harry Channon about finally advancing Celtic FC with four points as a result of their successful gameplay. He stated: “I’m very happy. I’m also very proud of my team. We know how to play and score goals. It’s been very good for us, and finally we can get four points. It’s a very good result against Bayern München, one of the best teams in the league. We’re very happy today.”

With their next matchup against Galatasaray SK only two weeks away, on Saturday, February 13th, Jorcha analyzed the competition: “Galatasaray, in my opinion, is a very solid team. Although they don’t score many goals, they don’t concede many goals. It’ll be difficult and now we have to keep improving and maybe we can get in the top six. It’s our goal this season.”

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