Jorcha: “We’ll keep fighting, keep working, and we’ll get the points”

Celtic FC and Juventus captains discuss the effects of second half rematches, and look towards the next matchday for more points

As Matchday 7 of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ neared its end, Celtic FC and Juventus faced off in the highest scoring match of the day. Both games included a rematch of the second half due to latency issues, which ultimately resulted in a victory for the Scottish club in Game 1, and the Italian team in Game 2. Captains Jorcha and ETTORITO97 spoke with commentator Harry Channon about the results of the competition. 

Jorcha was first to speak with Harry about the gameplay, asking about how the technical difficulties affected their mentality and the results. Jorcha first explained: “It was difficult to stay focused all the time. I think we deserved more points.” He then continued on a positive note: “I think we played very well and I’m proud of my teammates. We’ll keep fighting, keep working, and we’ll get the points.”

ETTORITO97: "It’s hard to play just half of the game. It’s difficult and you have to manage to score first."

Harry congratulated the Scottish club on their performance and the three points they earned during the competition. He then asked how they felt about their next opponents, AS Roma. Jorcha stated: “They’re a very good team. We’ve trained a lot with them. They know us, and we know them. It’ll be a difficult game but hopefully we’ll get good results.”

ETTORITO97 interviewed next with the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator. Harry asked about the Italian captains thoughts on the competition, to which he replied: “We started the first game well, leading 1-0, and after we received two goals against us. After, we started to have the problem with lag and restarted the match. Sometimes, it’s hard to play just half of the game. It’s difficult and you have to manage to score first. We’re happy with the last results and taking three points. We’ll see how it goes next matchday.”

Looking towards the seventh matchday of the season, Channon inquired about the Italian club’s thoughts on their Monegasque opponents, AS Monaco. ETTORITO97 responded: “They’re the favorites of the competition this year. They play really well, we know each other in 1 v. 1 and we’ve trained with them a lot. It will be a battle. We’ll train this week to get more points.”

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