Jorcha: “I thought we deserved the win in the second game”

Celtic FC expressed disappointment at league table placement following Matchday 1, as AS Monaco hopes for more six point victories

The second competition of Matchday 1 included debut performances for Celtic FC players PataNegra7 and umbee96_, as the Scottish squad faced AS Monaco, which resulted in the Monegasque club taking all six points to top the leaderboard. 

As commentator Harry Channon spoke to Jorcha about the performance, the team captain reflected: “I’m happy, but also disappointed. I thought we deserved the win in the second game. I think we were better than them.” He then followed-up on his comment by congratulating the previous season’s league leaders on their win, telling Channon that they’re a good team. 

Looking forward to Celtic FC’s second matchup of the season, this time against Manchester United FC, Jorcha remained optimistic noting that: “Manchester United is always a very difficult team. They have good players on their roster. E_C_Oneill, Kams10_, and Ostrybuch are all good. It will be difficult, but I think we can beat them. We know how to do it. We’ll try of course.”

After congratulating AS Monaco on earning all six points by the end of the matchday, Channon pointed out that each win was only by one goal, and asked Lotfi how he felt about the team’s performance. Lotfi responded: “To be honest, we are happy with this performance. Six points was our target.” He went on to acknowledge: “I think we didn’t play our best game, we missed a lot of occasions, but it’s our fault. We will try to work during these next weeks to get better. The most important thing was the six points, but we’ll have to work a lot for the next matchday. 

Harry then inquired about the club’s feelings on just two points going to FC Bayern München and Juventus, both perceived as major threats in the competition. Lotfi went on further to analyze the league as a whole: “I think this year the level will be very high. Like we saw today, we won only by one goal, so all matches will be difficult. I think we will have some surprises in the rankings.”

Lotfi: “We didn’t play our best game... We will try to work during these next weeks to get better."

When questioned about their upcoming match against AS Roma, Lotfi provided some insight for their aspirations this season: “We always work the same way. We train a lot. Six points is good, but we want to be at the top of the league during all of this season like last season. It’s our target. We know we have to work, because AS Roma has three big players with experience from last year. It won’t be an easy match.”

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