INDOMINATOR: “We have shown that we can play to our full potential”

Both Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona admit to the skill of their competitors, and express disappointment in final result

eFooball.Pro commentator Harry Channon first spoke with Arsenal FC captain INDOMINATOR following their competition against FC Barcelona in Matchday 2. Each club won one game, resulting in three additional points on the league table for both teams. 

Channon asked the captain of the English club how he felt about his performance during the January 16th competition. INDOMINATOR admitted: “The first match was quite poor from our side, a lot of passes, a lot of crucial moments we didn’t grab the full potential of. We had a lot of chances where we could give a decisive pass, that’s what didn’t happen in the first game.” He went on to acknowledge the skill of his opponents: “We have to give credit to Barça for pressing our back line because it was quite difficult for us to build up from the back.”

ALEX GRD: "All teams in this league are very good. We can take six points against all teams…"

However, the team captain was much more certain in his club’s second game of the day: “We have shown that we can play to our full potential, creating a lot of 100% chances. In the second game we made the right decisions and it paid off with three points.” Thinking about moving forward with this same momentum, INDOMINATOR looked towards the upcoming match against Manchester United FC with confidence: “I expect a difficult match, but if we reach our full potential that we showed in the second match, we can win and beat them.”

Next up for a post-match discussion with Harry was FC Barcelona’s ALEX GRD. Asking what he thought of their performance, the Blaugrana team representative responded, also praising his competition: “It was a very good first game. Arsenal played a very good position, so it’s difficult to play against this team. I think we have regrets because we were leading 1-0 in the second, and I think we could’ve had a draw at least.”

As FC Barcelona prepared for Matchday 3, Channon questioned their mindset going into the competition against AS Monaco. ALEX GRD acknowledged the skill of his fellow eFootball.Pro competitors: “All teams in this league are very good. We can take six points against all teams… Monaco is the best team for me in this competition, so we’ll prepare again and try to have four or six points this time.” 

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