INDOMINATOR: “We didn’t reach our A game”

The Arsenal FC captain reflected on his team’s gameplay as their Knockout Stage run came to an end in the Quarterfinals

Arsenal FC and AS Monaco went head-to-head in the second Quarterfinal of the day, which concluded in an aggregate score of 4-2 in the Monegasque trio’s favor. After the Gunners ended the Regular Season in 4th place, this was the end of their run in the Knockout Stage as their opponents advanced to the next stage. Captain INDOMINATOR spoke with Harry Channon following the games. 

INDOMINATOR began by analyzing the gameplay: “Looking at the first game, I think we controlled most parts. We still didn’t reach our A game, in both games. From both sides, it was difficult to defend against those goals. It was more about luck than wisdom. It was unlucky we couldn’t keep the lead, we weren’t that responsible with our defending. Same goes for the attack, looking at the second game we had the chances and opportunities. In most parts of the game we made the wrong decisions. Sometimes we kept the ball a bit too long.” 

He then congratulated his opponents: “We also have to give credit to AS Monaco, they’ve been very clinical today. As usual, they’re one of the best teams. We were unlucky not to win the first game. I think if we had won the first game, the outcome would’ve been different. It’s the game, we just weren’t good enough to reach further than the Quarterfinals today.”

In his final comment of the season, INDOMINATOR addressed fans of the club: “We want to thank all Arsenal fans who have watched the games throughout this season, especially for the support they’ve given us. We wish the remaining four teams the best of luck, may the best team win.”

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