INDOMINATOR: “The goal was very important for our confidence after the first matchday”

Celtic FC and FC Nantes talked about their match and the formation change that made the French side overcome the Scottish game

After Matchday 2, Celtic FC closes the eFootball.Pro table with one point only. INDOMINATOR answered Harry Channon’s questions: “We were very unlucky, specially in the first match. We were playing quite dominant, forcing them to defend very low. Luckily we scored a goal, and this was very important for our confidence, specially after the first matchday.” 

But then, FC Nantes’ Kepa tied the game in the injury time. “To concede a goal in the last minute was extremely painful and a mental breaker for the second game”, INDOMINATOR explained. “I don’t know what happened in the second game. We didn’t have the confidence, we kept giving sloppy passes and that was the cause of losing the game”, he added.

Analysing their next rivals, the Dutch player for Celtic FC said that “Manchester United FC is a team of four players and they can rotate”. “We don’t know which players will be playing. We will analyse them in the next two weeks. We have to accept this loss first and then focus on the next Matchday”, he considered.

FC Nantes player Roksa explained the difficulties they had in the beginning: “The first game was very tough for us. They had more players in the middle, kept possession and scored a goal.” But then, everything changed for them and they ended the matchday in second position. Roksa unveiled their key to success: “After that, we changed the formation, trying to play 4-4-2. We scored a goal in the last minute for a draw.” They used the same strategy for the last game: “In the second game, we started 4-4-2 and I think we were better. We scored more goals but it was not easy, also a tough game.” 

When asked about their game plan for Matchday 3, Roksa didn’t want to give hints: “We have two weeks to train before that game. AS Monaco is the best team here, the favourites for the title. Maybe we’ll try 4-4-2 or maybe some other formation.”

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