INDOMINATOR: “The chemistry is there, that's the most important thing”

Arsenal FC and FC Schalke 04 express mixed emotions about gameplay in Matchday 1

Commentator Harry Channon first spoke with INDOMINATOR of Arsenal FC about their performance against FC Schalke 04 in Matchday 1, which resulted in each club walking away with a win and three points on the league table.

INDOMINATOR analyzed the Gunners’ results of the first matchup: “The first game was perfect, the way we were playing was great on possession.” Pointing out that his club had possession for the majority of the game, he explained: “That’s our game style, keeping the ball as much as we can so there will always be chances.” He went on to acknowledge that this gameplay didn’t continue with the second competition: “We’re happy to have three points total because in the second match they were better than us, they created more chances than the first half. They were playing much more offensive than the first game. We let ourselves down. We had the chance, but unfortunately didn't manage to score.”

Channon then inquired about INDOMINATOR’s thoughts on playing with former Boavista FC captain, barboza, and whether the new Arsenal squad would be more focused on collective or individual gameplay. He set the record straight stating: “People playing with me know it’s always team orientated, it’s not about who scores the most… The chemistry is there, that's the most important thing, and a great factor to becoming successful in a competition.” Finally, speculating about their upcoming match with FC Barcelona, he noted that he knows players ALEX GRD and THE PALMA already, but the addition of rookie ALEXR has the potential to make their team a surprise. 

FC Schalke 04 captain, MeroMen, was up next to interview with Harry. He reflected on the matchday, saying: “We’re very happy with the second game, it was a very nice game but the first game wasn’t so nice. The second game was better. Good pressure, nice goals, nice passing, so we’re happy.” When asked what the German club did differently in the second game that may have led to the win, the captain explained that they changed the beginning formation from 4-4-1 to 3-4-3, which caused their gameplay to become “very offensive with high pressure” which he speculated was the reason for their goals. 

MeroMen:  “We’re very happy with the second game, it was a very nice game but the first game wasn’t so nice."

With a German derby coming up next matchday between FC Bayern München and FC Schalke 04, Harry asked how they felt going into the highly anticipated competition. MeroMen explained that they will have to practice more, but optimistically claimed that they are “ready to get some points off of Bayern.”

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