INDOMINATOR: “Next matchday is our last chance, hopefully we can still qualify”

The Arsenal FC captain expressed disappointment in his team’s performance, while the Italian club celebrated moving up in the rankings with their sights set on the top of the league table

Arsenal FC and AS Roma went head-to-head in the first fixture of Matchday 8. AS Roma impressively achieved two victories and an official qualifying position in the Knockout Stage, even after having to rematch the second game due to latency issues experienced by the clubs. The interviews were conducted before the rematch was held, although the teams were still speaking about a 6 point win for AS Roma. eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Harry Channon spoke with the captains, INDOMINATOR and RoksaCzv22, about the gameplay. 

First up was INDOMINATOR, analyzing the match that lost the Gunners their first place position on the league table. Channon began with asking what went wrong for the English club, to which the captain responded: “We started terribly in the first game defensively. The first two goals we conceded were long balls from the back. We didn’t anticipate it and we didn’t stick to the game plan, defense wise. Attacking wise, we made the wrong decisions.” He continued: “We adapted to their game style in the second game, but still we were too slow with selecting the right defenders. We have to be full of confidence making the right choices, and the confidence wasn’t there today. We failed as a collective. We had an off day, it’s something we have to accept and work on.”

RoksaCzv22: "Our goal is to be in the playoffs, but why not first on the table?"

Looking towards their next opponents, Celtic FC, INDOMINATOR stated: “All four are great players. We have to work on our defensive plan. It’s too vulnerable in the back. We have to be confident in the decisions we make. It’s important to be clinical, we need to work hard. Today we had a chance to qualify and we didn’t. Next matchday is our last chance, hopefully we can still qualify for top 6.”

Harry then spoke with RoksaCzv22, first acknowledging that the Italian club knocked the Gunners out of their first place position and “blew them out of the water.”  The team captain agreed: “My team played amazingly today. These were our best two games since the start. We analyzed Arsenal’s gameplay and style. S-Venom and KEPA were perfect in the attack, and we totally deserve this. In the second game, maybe Arsenal could have scored, but I think we deserve both wins.” This analysis was made following the 0-1 score of the second game that ended up being rematched, where Arsenal managed to achieve two goals, and AS Roma made three. 

The Serbain player was then asked how his team felt about their last fixture of the Regular Season, where they are scheduled to face FC Schalke 04. He explained: “They’re a very good team, we know them well. They’re good players, but we’ll try to win the six points to try to reach first place. Our goal is to be in the playoffs, but why not first on the table? We’ll prepare and try to do the same.”

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