Highlights of the day: Matchday 8

Relive the best moments of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ’s eighth matchday of the 2020-21 season

Arsenal FC (0-5 / 2-3) AS Roma

KEPA emerged as the star player of the Highlighted Match of Matchday 8 from the very beginning of Game 1, with his first shot in minute 4’. S-Venom followed up in minute 10’, doubling AS Roma’s score early on in the game. Three additional successful shots by KEPA in minutes 42’, 55’, and 81’ earned the Serbian player a hat trick, as well as a victory for the Italian squad in the first game. 

The second game was a rematch, held after the livestream due to latency issues experienced during the match. Arsenal FC representatives and brothers INDOMINATOR and INDOJAWA brought their club ahead with one goal each in minutes 23’ and 33’, however KEPA continued with his momentum from the first game and achieved a second hat trick of the day, with shots in minutes 45+1’, 87’, and 90’. 

AS Monaco (1-1 / 4-2) Galatasaray SK

Kilzyou was the first of the Monegasque and Turkish club representatives to score in the Game 1, making the shot just before halftime in minute 41’. Galatasaray SK managed to equalize the score with the final shot of the game in minute 67’.

Kruji kicked off the following game in his club’s favor in minute 25’, which was then countered by two goals in a row by AS Monaco’s Usmakabyle in minutes 41’ and 48’. While Kruji managed to make one more shot in minute 57’, Usmakabyle completed a hat trick in minute 78’ and Kilzyou secured the win with the last goal of the game in minute 83’.

Juventus (0-1 / 3-1) FC Schalke 04

The first game of the fixture featured gameplay between the Italian and German clubs, with the sole goal being scored by EL_Matador. The shot in minute 41’ achieved a win for FC Schalke 04, which was crucial in their bid for a Knockout Stage qualifying position as they entered the day tied with their opponents. 

Juventus took control of the second game, beginning with IL DISTRUTTORE44’s goal in minute 14’. His teammate LoScandalo followed up with two more in favor of the Italian trio in minutes 19’ and 41’. Urma aided FC Schalke 04 in avoiding a shutout loss with his shot in minute 45+1’, however the win still went to Juventus. 

Celtic FC (2-2 / 1-2) FC Barcelona

League youngster ALEXR brought FC Barcelona into the lead by minute 25’, however Scottish club captain Jorcha evened the score in minute 35’. Each club earned one additional goal as a result of ALEX GRD’s shot in minute 85’ and a last game equalizer by Gagliardo28 in minutes 90’.

ALEXR started the game in the Blaugrana club’s favor once again, this time by minute 6’. Upon his return to eFootball.Pro IQONIQ after a brief hiatus, PataNegra7 scored the only goal for Celtic FC of the second game, in minute 39’. 

FC Bayern München (5-0 / 2-5) Manchester United FC

In the second 5-0 shutout victory of the day, FC Bayern München emerged from Game 1 victorious after two goals by MESTRE in minutes 11’ and 33’. The other contributors were all the result of Alex Alguacil’s hat trick, with successful shots in minutes 15’, 28’, and 83’. eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentators praised both the team performance displayed, as well as Alex Alguacil’s individual gameplay. 

The English squad made a comeback in Game 2, starting with Kams10_’s shot almost immediately after the competition commenced in minute 2’. While MESTRE scored in minute 7’ and JOSE doubled Bayern’s score in minute 54’, Kams10_ and E_C_Oneill then locked in the win for Manchester United FC with Kams10_ completing his hat trick by scoring in minutes 60’ and 73’, and then E_C_Oneill sending shockwaves throughout the league with two stunnings shots from the center line in minutes 84’ and 86’ that sailed straight into the German team’s goal.

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