GuiFera: "AS Monaco is the best team in my opinion"

FC Barcelona and FC Schalke 04 analysed their match on Matchday 4 and talked about the following competition day

FC Schalke 04’s EL_MATADOR showed his anger with the result after the match against FC Barcelona: “We have to handle our team and we are not good in offense to handle our defense problems. In the second game we had a very good impact in the game, maybe we were the best team. But PES happens. They scored the goal in the 88th so, very unlucky.”

He also explained all the different tactics they used over the past few weeks, that didn’t seem to help the German team obtain a better result: “We played 4-3-3 against Juventus. You saw what happened. We played 4-4-2 against Bayern, we scored no goal. And now we played 4-5-1 because we have no attackers.”

Finally, Harry Channon asked EL_Matador about their next match against Arsenal FC. The German player sees it as a final: “It’s a 50-50 game and the last chance for the playoffs, let’s see what happens next week.”

On the other hand, FC Barcelona’s feelings were different after drawing one game and winning the other one. GuiFera said: “Yes, we are very happy but we wanted six points. With the circumstances of the match, four points is good.” The Brazilian captain also had a few words about the hard work of their rivals: “Schalke has defended very well and I’m very happy with my teammates. And we’ll continue training to evolve.”

Finally, GuiFera analysed their next rivals, the Monegasque team that leads the Regular League table after Matchday 4. “AS Monaco in my opinion is the best team. They defend very strong and are very fast in attack. We’ll train a lot next week and I hope to win Monaco”, the player stated. 

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