ETTORITO97: “We’re happy to win Juventus their first esports trophy”

The Juventus captain reflects on the gameplay that led to their Knockout Stage championship title

Juventus’ first opponent on their path to the Knockout Stage victory was FC Schalke 04 in the first Semifinal. They went on to achieve the higher aggregate score following a last minute goal of captain ETTORITO97’s in extra time. He spoke to eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon after the win. 

He explained: “We’re happy, because we’ve dreamed of reaching the Final this year. We played three games with a lot of drama, I’m speechless about them.” He continued with the analysis: “We were leading 3-0, then it was 3-2. The last minute goal was great because I was able to take my team to the Final. It’s thanks to them too though, I wouldn’t have scored without the assist from Luca. I’m so proud of what we have achieved.”

Harry then inquired if Juventus had a preference of facing AS Roma or AS Monaco in the Final. ETTORITO97 responded: “Honestly, I don’t know. They’re strong teams. It depends on the first game how it’ll turn out. Who knows, everyone is a favorite in this tournament because it’s so balanced at this level. We’re just happy to go to the Final, we’ll see about our opponent.”

The Final ended up featuring a single game between Juventus and AS Monaco, where the Italian team emerged as the Knockout Stage champions following a victory in extra time. The Juventus captain spoke about their new title: “It’s so emotional. It was really hard to win this tournament. It started with ten teams, all with a good level, the best in Europe. I’m so proud to be a part of Juventus, with Luza and Renzo. We’re so happy because even though we had a bad moment in the competition, all of our hard work and many hours playing PES together led to this achievement.” He went on to say that not only is he happy for the team win, but that he was proud to finally add it to his personal list of PES victories. 

Channon asked how the Italian trio felt about the game being such a close call, with LoScandalo’s two goals being scored in extra time to win the title. Ettore looked back on the game: “It was a difficult Final. We know each other, Monaco knows us. We trained with them two days ago. We started with the lead, then they scored with the penalty kick.” He ultimately said the win was thanks to the skilled teamwork of him and his fellow Juventus representatives. 

The Knockout Stage ended with the champions addressing their fans: “Finally, we could get this trophy for the whole community. For all fans of Juventus, we’re so proud to be with this club. We’re happy to win Juventus their first esports trophy.” 

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