ETTORITO97: “We’re happy to advance to the Knockout Stage”

Juventus and Manchester United FC captains reflect on the games that determined their future in the Knockout Stage

Juventus and Manchester United FC kicked off the last matchday of the Regular Season, with the fixture ending in a six point victory for Juventus, guaranteeing the Italian squad’s advancement to the Knockout Stage and ending the English club’s chances of moving forward. Team captains ETTORITO97 and E_C_Oneill interviewed with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon about the match results. 

Channon began by congratulating the Juventus captain for the two wins and advancement to the playoffs, as well as taking over the first place position on the league table for the first time this season. ETTORITO97 analyzed the gameplay: “In the first game, we dominated. We missed two clear chances, so we deserved more than 1-0, but we still managed to win. In the second, there was the 3-0 lead and we started to relax, after that they started to shoot more. We managed the 3-2 with our defense, and we deserve both wins. We’re happy to advance to the Knockout Stage."

E_C_Oneill: "We’re lucky to be part of Manchester United FC, and hopefully we can stay for next season and take our revenge."

Channon then inquired if there was any club that Juventus wanted to avoid facing in the playoffs. ETTORITO97 confirmed his team’s confidence: “All clubs have a great level. We’ll prepare in our way to play against anyone.” 

On a more somber note, Harry then interviewed E_C_Oneill right after Manchester United FC was taken out of the running for advancement. The captain looked back on the match: “We started off slow and Juventus started out strong. We tried to focus on defense. We felt like they were nervous, but we couldn’t create chances because they were defending the middle strongly. There were some opportunities, but unluckily we didn’t manage to score.” He continued: “We were unlucky and we’re disappointed. It’s been a long season and we did our best. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. Today, we were on the other side of the coin. We wish everyone luck in the Knockout Stage. Next season we’ll come back stronger.”

E_C_Oneill then thanked Manchester United FC fans directly: “Thanks for your support. Thanks for pushing us, and thanks for watching all of our games. You’ve all been a great help.” He also pointed out: “Thanks to our managers and to everyone working behind the scenes, they always make sure we’re prepared. We’re lucky to be part of Manchester United FC, and hopefully we can stay for next season and take our revenge.” 

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