ETTORITO97 on player roles: “We work for the team”

Both Italian clubs reflect on their weaknesses in Matchday 3, noting areas for improvement as the competition progresses

The second matchup of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ’s Matchday 3 featured an all Italian fixture between AS Roma and Juventus. Each team added three points to the league table following a Game 1 victory for Roma (0-1), as well as a win for Juventus in Game 2 (3-0). 

Harry Channon first spoke to KEPA, one of two Serbain PES players representing AS Roma this season, asking about his perspective on the two games. KEPA observed: “We won 1-0, I think we deserved that win. We played with ten players for almost sixty minutes and that was a huge win for us. In the second game, I missed some chances. After that we played well, but we had some trouble. I think three points for each team is how it should be, because Juventus is a great team. We should’ve won more points, but we’re okay with three points.”

Looking forward to the upcoming Matchday 4, Harry inquired about how Roma was feeling leading up to the fixture with FC Bayern München. KEPA admitted the skill of his competition: “I think Bayern München is one of the best teams in the league. They won the eFootball.Pro Cup last season, so they have an amazing squad with amazing players. All three Spanish guys are amazing. We want to prepare very well for that match and try to win some points.”

Channon then spoke with Matchday 2 MVP, ETTORITO97, asking about the match he just played against AS Roma. ETTORITO97 explained: “The first match we started a little bit shy, because they had ten men with the red card, and we didn’t find a lot of chances to win. We had two chances and we didn’t score.” Moving onto the second game, which featured a Juventus victory, he analyzed: “The second game we started aggressively, like in Matchday 2 against Galatasaray, so maybe we need to improve next time to do both games on the same level.” 

KEPA: "We should’ve won more points, but we’re okay with three points.”

He was then asked about his teammate, LoScandalo, who currently leads the league with eight goals. Ettore praised his teammate while also noting their style of gameplay: “He tried to score a lot… and he did, with eight goals, and I did seven passes so we work for the team. He’s doing well and hopefully he’ll continue to score.”

Finally, as they approach Matchday 4, ETTORITO97 spoke of Juventus’ next competition: “We know our opponents, Arsenal. They play a possessive game and style. So, we’ll try to start with 1-0 for us, because if not it will be difficult because they take the ball a lot. These are the tricks for the next matchday.”

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