ETTORITO97: "We missed a lot of chances, including the penalty miss"

Boavista FC and Juventus players analyse their match after an even distribution of points on Matchday 3

After Matchday 3, Joker was the spokesperson for Boavista FC. He analysed the match: “We are happy with the three points but we always work for the six points. We think in the first game, tactically, we were superior to Juventus. We had a good plan and we showed on the stage.” But after a successful first game, they lost the second to Juventus. That game had a technical interruption and a rematch was played according to the competition rules: “In the second game, there were moments when we could execute better. But the luck of the game wasn’t with us. We felt it at the end of the game, and the stop didn’t benefit us”, Joker said.

Boavista FC player explained the goal of the team this season: “We will work like we worked against the other teams, because we always come here to take all six points, we don’t care about the team. We will try to do our best to be in the top six, this is the main goal of our team.”

ETTORITO97 from Juventus, the stronger team a priori, wasn’t satisfied with the result: “I’m not totally happy, because in the first game, we missed a lot of chances. Three times Luca, three times Renzo, the penalty miss… In the first game we needed to win, but it’s the game. Like in real football, if you don’t score, maybe you can lose.” Things were different after the first 90 minutes: “In the second game we played well and of course we won. I'm a little bit disappointed but three points are ok.”

On Matchday 4, Juventus will face Manchester United FC. ETTORITO97 explained that they “need to stay focused all the time in front of the goalkeeper and try to understand how to play now, because Pjaca is out from Juventus maybe, so we need to understand how to play next matchday.” Changes in traditional football also affect the eFootball PES competition.

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