ETTORITO97: “After Matchday 1, we trained a lot: 1 month, 3, 4 hours each day”

The training sessions worked for the Italian team, that defeated FC Schalke 04 4-0 and 4-1. Both teams analysed the result

Juventus’ player LoScandalo was awarded with a eFootball.Pro ball after scoring a hat-trick that helped his team to win FC Schalke 04. Captain ETTORITO97 talked about the match: “We are happy with this result. After Matchday 1 we trained a lot, 1 month, all days, three, four hours each day”. And the effort was worth it for them: “We won the two games, we played well and we are on top at the moment”, Ettore said when talking about the league table before AS Monaco and FC Nantes matches.

On Matchday 3, Juventus will face Boavista FC. ETTORITO97 analysed the strategy for that match: “We will prepare like this time. We will play to solve some problems in defence. Boavista is a good team, like all in the competition. We’ll try to learn about them and win like this match”.

FC Schalke 04’s EL_MATADOR, on his side, was clearly disappointed with the result of the match. The German player said: “Everything went wrong. A lot of individual mistakes. When every pass goes wrong, you have a problem in defence. That’s what happened”.

Also, when Harry Channon asked him about how to prepare for the next match after the results on Matchday 2, EL_MATADOR answered: “I don’t think we have to think about FC Bayern München now. We have video material for two weeks of mistakes. It’s a German derbi, we’ll analyse the game and try to make it different next time.” 

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