EL_Matador: “There are no easy games in this league”

After one win and one loss each for FC Schalke 04 and Celtic FC, both team representatives admit they expected more points in Matchday 5

Both games in the fixture on March 13th featuring FC Schalke 04 and Celtic FC ended in a 4-2 result, one in favor of each team leaving them both with three points at the conclusion of the matchday. eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon discussed the gameplay with EL_Matador of FC Schalke 04 and Jorcha of Celtic FC after the competition.


First up to speak with Harry was EL_Matador, when he asked about his feelings regarding the three point gain. The German club representative explained: “We’re happy with the results, but we expected more. We wanted six points, but there are no easy games in this league, so three is okay for us today.” Channon then inquired about what changed to produce the second game victory. EL_Matador analyzed: “I think we’ve always played better in the second games. We have to adapt. We had a few unlucky situations in the first game but the result was quite good in the second.”

Jorcha: "We have to work hard and the results will come back.”

They then discussed the upcoming fixture where FC Schalke 04 is scheduled to face FC Barcelona, who is currently ranked second and only one point away from the top position. EL_Matador admitted: “They’re a great team. They have good in-game players, good dribbling skills and passing skills. We’re going to try to get some points from them.”

Celtic FC captain Jorcha was interviewed next by Harry, and also asked how he felt about the match’s result. Jorcha expressed: “I’m not happy. We know they’re a very good opponent, but to be honest we expected six points. We did have a very good first game. In the second game, when we were at 1-0, we were a little unfocused and Schalke played very well. We have to work hard and the results will come back.”

Looking towards Matchday 6 where Celtic FC will compete against Juventus, Harry asked the Scottish club captain how he felt about facing the Italian trio. Jorcha responded: “In our opinion, they’re the best team at the moment. They have the best player in the world. We have to work and keep improving. We beat Juventus sometimes in training, so why not now? We have to work and hopefully we’ll have some points next matchday.”

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