EL_MATADOR: “It’s the last chance for us to get into the playoffs”

FC Schalke 04 and Arsenal FC started Matchday 5 tied on the bottom positions of the table, but their outcomes were different. EL_MATADOR and Christopher analyse the match

FC Schalke 04’s EL_MATADOR complained again about their resources to try to win a match. He stated: “The problem is our offense. We have no stickers, we have no offenders, we have no speed. This is how the game looks when you have no offensive players.” Schalke 04 got only one point against Arsenal FC.

After that, Harry Channon asked him if they think their next rival has some points that they can exploit. EL_MATADOR analysed Manchester United FC, highlighting one of their strengths and how to stop it: “Manchester is very speedy upfront. We have to have possession against them and it’s the last chance for us to get into the playoffs.

Christopher, Arsenal FC’s captain, also talked about the match. He analysed it this way: “Two very difficult games. Schalke is a team with experience and that defended very well. They surprised us a little bit in the first game with the 4-4-2. Maybe we should have played a little bit different. We did well in the second. It’s not a beautiful match to look at, but these kind of games exist and you have to be prepared to win these games. We would have liked to have six points but the result is fair if you talk about what happened on the pitch.”

On Matchday 6, Arsenal FC will face Boavista FC, the team that Christopher represented during the first eFootball.Pro season. He talked about this and analysed their rivals: “It will be a special match for me because it’s the team I represented last year. I know them very well, we’ve known each other for a long time. For me, they’re not a surprise because they work very cleverly. We’ll prepare that game in a different way than this one. We are confident. We won some games against them, they are always improving, going up in the table. Working hard, we’ll reach our goals."

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