Alex Alguacil and MESTRE are recognized with the final awards of the eFootball.Pro Cup

FC Bayern München continues to be awarded their for elite gameplay, including individually as the MVP and best goal awards go to two of the German club representatives

FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, and Juventus all advanced from the Group Stage of the eFootball.Pro Cup to the Knockout Stage of the competition, with FC Bayern München and FC Barcelona facing off in the Final for the chance to be crowned champions. The German club ultimately emerged victorious from the Cup following their impressive gameplay, both as a team and by the players individually. Pundit, Stewart Westley, praised the team stating: “This FC Bayern München team has been superb throughout the league and throughout the Cup.” As a result, not only were they recognized as the winner of the overall competition, but two of the team representatives were also awarded for their personal skills displayed in the Knockout Stage as well. 

Alex Alguacil was presented with the title of Most Valuable Player following his dominating performance throughout the entire Knockout Stage. In this time, he scored over double the amount of goals of any other player, with five successful shots made, the next highest amount being two goals. In each of the games he participated in, including the tie-breaker game played in the Semi-Final against Juventus, Alguacil managed to be the first to score, always within the first twenty minutes of the game, with his quickest shot made in minute 6’ of the Final against FC Barcelona. These early goals allowed FC Bayern München to always begin their games in the Knockout Stage with the scoreboard in their favor, helping them advance to the Final and ultimately be crowned champions of the entire Cup. Alex Alguacil topped the CO-OP point leaderboard with 5,607 points, only to be trailed in the next two positions by his fellow teammates MESTRE (5,378) and JOSE (5,160). He also landed within the top five players of Group A in the Group Stage, proving himself as a strong competitor throughout the entire Cup.

Following FC Bayern München captain JOSE’s MVP and two best goal awards from the Group Stage, and Alex Alguacil’s recognition as Most Valuable Player from the Knockout Stage, MESTRE managed to add yet another award to the German club’s collection by scoring what was determined to be the best goal of the entire remainder of the eFootball.Pro Cup. It was his second goal scored in the Knockout Stage, in minute 77’ of the Final against FC Barcelona. The play began with MESTRE immediately becoming in possession of the ball after Barcelona attempted to clear it from their side of the field, who then made a pass to JOSE, waiting inside the penalty arc. The team captain sent the ball up and to the right, where it was received by MESTRE just outside of the goal area perfectly positioned to take the successful shot, bringing the score to 2-0 in the German team’s favor, allowing them to play the rest of the game safely protecting their two goal lead until they could be crowned champions of the Cup. 

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