E_C_Oneill: “We showed our character and mental strength”

FC Bayern München and Manchester United FC both admit that the German club was superior in the matchday, although the teams walked away with three points each

The competition between FC Bayern München and Manchester United FC featured exciting gameplay and one win for each club by the conclusion of the day. The results didn’t move either team into one of the top six positions, but left the possibility of qualifying for the Knockout Stage open for Matchday 9. Alex Alguacil and E_C_Oneill unpacked their clubs’ performances with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon. 

Alex Alguacil began the interview candidly: “To be honest, we were much better than them in both games. We just didn’t anticipate the goals and it’s ridiculous that we lost the second game. We’re a team that works really hard. Everyday we practice a lot of football. The victory was crucial for us in the fight for top six. I’m happy, the team worked really hard. We missed our chances in the second half of the match. That’s football.”

E_C_Oneill: "The victory was crucial for us in the fight for top six."

Harry then inquired about how they felt approaching their final fixture of the Regular Season against AS Monaco, who had already qualified for advancement. Alguacil answered positively: “If there are still chances, we are warriors and we’ll work harder than ever to be ready for the next matchday. We’ll push hard until the end and do our best. We’ll fight until the end.”

Before discussing the match as a whole with Manchester United FC captain E_C_Oneill, Channon asked him to explain the two late game goals that he achieved back-to-back from the center line that left the league stunned. E_C_Oneill replied: “Kams10_ and I have a little rivalry about how many times we can score from our own half.” He went on to say that they had each made two before the day’s competition, and was proud to have scored two additional long shots during the matchday. 

Continuing to talk about the competition, he admitted: “To be fair, in both games Bayern was much better than us. They were all over the pitch, they had many chances. We showed our character and mental strength coming back from a 5-0 loss to win 5-2. Even in the second game they had many chances. We’re happy with three points but it’s going to be hard to get into the top six.”

Looking forward to Matchday 9, where the English squad is set to face Juventus, E_C_Oneill explained: “They’re very strong, as always. We have to fight really hard. We have to see what the other results will be as well. We know what to do, we know we have to work hard. Hopefully we can make it to the top 6.”

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