E_c_oneill: “We lost against ourselves, not against Celtic”

E_c_oneill (Manchester United FC) and INDOMINATOR (Celtic FC) talked about their match with Harry Channon

Celtic FC won on Matchday 3 their first game, on the same day when INDOJAWA and INDOMINATOR celebrated their birthday. INDOMINATOR showed his enthusiasm with the result: “It’s a good birthday present, getting at least three points this matchday and four points in total. My compliments to my teammates for the games we played. It was great today.” 

He also talked about the strategy they followed: “Looking at the previous matches, we played conservative and defending with pressure. This time we needed the first half to read their game and we noticed that we had to go for a lot of pressure. That’s the way we got them.”

Finally, INDOMINATOR analysed their next rivals: AS Monaco: “They’re title favourites. It’s going to be difficult, specially after today when they won the two games. We will try to do everything we can and our goal is to get all six points also against AS Monaco. We believe in ourselves and the way we are playing.”

E_c_oneill spoke in the name of his Manchester United teammates, acknowledging their role in the defeat and the draw: “We played both games much better. We made our own mistakes, it’s on the team. We lost against ourselves, not against Celtic.” Then he gave more details: “In the first game, we came 1-0 behind and we had two chances to score, but we didn’t. The goal in the last minute was a defensive error. In the second game, we were 1-0 and they scored: a defensive error. The 2-2, another defensive error.” Eldridge had some last words for their rivals: “It’s good for them because they got four points, but it’s not good for us.”

On Matchday 4, Manchester United will play against the Italian team of eFootball.Pro: “We have to make sure that we play stronger against Juventus”, E_c_oneill said. And he added: “We have to be more focused on defense and make sure to clear the ball. Also, we have to pay attention in defense in the last minutes, because conceding a goal in the minute 90+3’... we should have kept the ball. It’s something we have to work on”.

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