E_c_oneill: “There’s nothing to worry about at the moment”

Both Roksa (FC Nantes) and E_c_oneill (Manchester United FC) think they could have won more points during Matchday 5

After their match against Manchester United FC, FC Nantes’ player Roksa wasn’t happy with the result: “We are very disappointed because I think we should have won both games. They started the first game but after that we came back with three nice goals and had the chance for the  4-3. But I missed. In the second game we were better than them. We scored the first goal and then, again, I had the chance to score the 2-0, I missed and after that Mata scored with the right foot.”

On March 7th, FC Nantes will face Juventus. Roksa is familiar with some of their players: “Juventus is one of the best teams. They have one of the best players ever: ETTORITO97. And Renzo played with me and Kepa last season and he is good. It will be a tough game for us but I believe in my team and I think we can get at least one win to play for playoffs.”

E_c_oneill from Manchester United FC felt also responsible for the result of the match: “First of all, I want to apologise to my teammates for making the mistake in the second game. If I didn't make it, maybe we would have won 1-0.”

After that, he analysed the games: “In the first game we were playing very good leading 3-1. Then the game was disconnected and we were a little bit unlucky to concede a free kick and they scored in the last minutes. In the second game we adjusted our tactics because we knew they were going to play 4-4-2 wide. It was going 50-50 until I made the mistake. If we had had more luck, we could have got four or six points. After zero points last matchday and now getting two, we still have all to play. We still have Boavista who are above us, Barcelona... Everything is on our ends. There’s nothing to worry about at the moment. Not yet.”

Finally, E_c_oneill was asked about FC Schalke 04, their next rivals. “At the moment we are not in our best possible form. It will be hard against Schalke 04 even if they got only one point in the last matchdays”, he said.

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