E_C_Oneill: “It’s like there’s a curse against us getting six points”

Both clubs hope to gain more points in the upcoming matchday, already looking ahead to their next opponents

FC Schalke 04 and Manchester United FC went head-to-head in the second fixture of Matchday 7. The English club walked away with four points after a 3-2 win and 0-0 draw, which left the German club with only one additional point on the league table. Team captains E_C_Oneill and MeroMen spoke with league commentator Harry Channon about the results. 

When Harry asked MeroMen to discuss the gameplay, MeroMen reflected: “In the first game, we shouldn’t have lost. Manchester United had a red card, we had to play better. In the last moment with a free kick, it’s not okay that they could score with ten players in the last minute. In the second game, it wasn’t good for scoring. The last shot wasn’t good. We have to practice more for Juventus because they’re very difficult. We’ll see.”

Harry agreed that Juventus would be a complicated opponent, noting that it will be a “tricky game”, and asked how FC Schalke 04 planned on approaching the upcoming match. MeroMen explained: “To beat Juventus in a game is very difficult. They only have three defeats in the league at the moment. They’re a tough team with ETTORITO97 as the captain. We want three to four points against them. We’ll practice for this and see what we can do.”

Channon then spoke with the Manchester United captain, asking if the team was disappointed in not taking all six points. E_C_Oneill responded: “We knew that they’d be very tough games that could go either way. In the first game, we did well. We helped each other and made sure we’d come back. Then the red card almost cost us the game. It was an unfortunate mistake from us and luckily in the end we still scored. In the second game, we should’ve gotten three more, especially with the last chance. We were unlucky, it’s like there’s a curse against us getting six points. Hopefully we can get them on the next matchday.”

Acknowledging that their next opponents, FC Bayern München, are beginning to hit “real form”, Channon asked how Manchester was approaching the upcoming matchday. E_C_Oneill admitted: “They’re the reigning eFootball.Pro Cup champions, even though they’ve been down they’re one of the best teams in the league. They’ve shown the skill, I think they’ve been unlucky, just like us, during the season. They’ll be very hard games. We have to respect them and consider their strengths, but also their weaknesses, and try to come up with a gameplan.”

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