An analysis of the gameplay awarded Most Valuable Player and best goal from Group A and Group B from the second day of the eFootball.Pro Cup

JOSE, GuiFera, Alex Grd, and INDOMINATOR were recognized for their impressive gameplay throughout Day 2 of the July 24th competition

The second day of the eFootball.Pro Cup Group Stage included exceptional gameplay, impressive teamwork, and ended with finalizing the teams moving forward to the Knockout Stage. Of the four teams advancing, which include FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, and Juventus, two teams had representatives that were also awarded with €10,000 prizes for their gameplay. The competition will continue, to see which team will be crowned the ultimate champion of the eFootball.Pro Cup, with the Semi-Finals and the Final, to be broadcast on July 31st.

Group A

Of the representing the five teams that make up Group A in the eFootball.Pro Group Stage, including FC Nantes, FC Schalke 04, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, and AS Monaco, it was GuiFera of FC Barcelona who was awarded the title of Most Valuable Player from the second day of competition. He scored two impressive goals throughout the day, one in each of the games played. The first, in the game against FC Nantes, was a successful penalty kick that contributed to the Blaugrana squad’s overall score of 4-1, effectively ending the French club’s chances of advancing to the next stage. His second goal was against FC Schalke 04 in minute 87’, putting FC Barcelona ahead of AS Monaco in the rankings at the last minute, guaranteeing their qualification for the Knockout Stage. The team captain also topped the Group A leaderboard in CO-OP points, with a total of 3,301 from both games. 

Receiving his second best goal award, and third award of the eFootball.Pro Cup overall, was JOSE, recognized with the €10,000 prize for his shot in minute 44’ of FC Bayern München’s second game against FC Nantes. In a spectacular display of teamwork, the ball began in Alex Alguacil’s possession on the right side of the field, and was then passed back and to the center of the field to captain, JOSE, who received it right before the penalty arc. MESTRE was waiting right on the outside of the penalty area in the arc, and expertly faked a pass after being sent the ball, successfully deceiving the French defense. He then delivered the ball to JOSE, who had the foresight to be waiting just outside of the goal area, ready to take his award-winning shot. The play was described by commentator, Harry Channon, as a “picture perfect team goal,” after praising the German club by speculating that, “there might not be a CO-OP team in the world right now that can cope with Bayern München’s passing.”    

Group B

Although Celtic FC missed being qualified for the Knockout Stage by one point at the end of the second day of the Group Stage, the Scottish team representatives were still recognized for their skillful gameplay, in particular with INDOMINATOR being awarded MVP of Day 2 from Group B. Not only did he have the highest amount of CO-OP points from Group B (3,460), but he achieved the highest number of any player from the entire day of competition, topping the Group A award winner by over 100 points. Although the Celtic FC captain wasn’t responsible for either of the team’s two goals scored during the July 24th competition, which were achieved by his brother INDOJAWA, he set both of the shots up for success with skilled assists. 

In a game being played for pride and team reputation, between Boavista FC and Arsenal FC as neither team had the chance of qualifying for the Knockout Stage at that point in the competition, there was still no lack of exciting gameplay and impressive skills shown by players from both the Portuguese and English clubs. This is proven by the best goal award of Group B being presented to Arsenal FC player Alex Grd, for his shot in minute 85’ of the last game in the Group Stage. This shot helped the English club gain their only win of the competition, and avoid placing last by earning them three points in the standings. Praised by Channon as “sumptuous stuff” and “one-touch passing played to perfection,” the play began with S-Venom just past the halfway line, sending the ball to team captain, Christopher, who received it directly in the middle of the Portuguese team’s side of the field, then sending it back to S-Venom who had made himself available in front of the penalty arc. The ball was then immediately sent to Alex Grd, waiting outside of the penalty area, managing to avoid Boavista FC’s defense by quickly passing the ball to Christopher at the very right corner of the goal area, who then immediately passed it back once Alex Grd was positioned inside the opposite side of the goal area, perfectly placed to complete the collaborative play. 

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