An analysis of the gameplay awarded Most Valuable Player and best goal from Group A and Group B from the first day of the eFootball.Pro Cup

JOSE, OSTRYBUCH, and ETTORITO97 were recognized for their impressive gameplay throughout Day 1 of the July 18th competition

Following the ten elite clubs of eFootball.Pro being randomly placed into two groups, Group A and Group B, they were set to compete within their groups for the chance to advance to the Knockout Stage and be named champions of the eFootball.Pro Cup, along with the €250,000 being awarded throughout the entire competition. The first day of the Group Stage included exciting hat tricks, shutout games, and an impressive display of talent from many PES players, with FC Bayern München, Juventus, and Manchester United FC emerging as the top teams

Group A

The teams making up Group A include FC Nantes, FC Schalke 04, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, and AS Monaco. As FC Bayern München earned their first place spot at the conclusion of Day 1, while being the only team that didn’t concede a game, or even a single goal, it is clear that team captain, JOSE, played a major role in this impressive feat, and was awarded accordingly. The Spanish player earned the recognition of being both MVP and best goal award recipient of Group A from Day 1 of the eFootball.Pro Cup. He achieved the highest number of CO-OP points (3,478) throughout the day, his two teammates not far behind with MESTRE’s 3,372 points and Alex Alguacil’s 2,943 points. He also achieved a hat trick in the first game, where FC Bayern München faced their fellow German competitors, FC Schalke 04. These goals contributed to the shutout win for the MVP and his teammates, accounting for half of the six goals scored. 

JOSE’s second goal of his hat trick was selected as the best goal of the entire first day of the eFootball.Pro Cup amongst Group A competitors. Commentator, Harry Channon, dubbed the shot a “wonder goal,” increasing the score for FC Bayern München in minute 68’ of the game, where they would later on bring the score to 0-6, with JOSE also scoring the final goal of the game. The ball began in MESTRE’s possession in the center circle, passing it to Alex Alguacil, who had been waiting outside of the penalty area on the right side of the field. The ball was then sent to MESTRE, who received it just inside the right corner of the goal area, and competed an impressive backheel pass to evade FC Schalke 04’s EL_MATADOR, which was received by JOSE who successfully took the shot from the middle of the penalty area.

Group B

Arsenal FC, Juventus, Manchester United FC, Boavista FC, and Celtic FC, are the five eFootball.Pro clubs playing in Group B, with Juventus and Manchester United FC claiming the top two positions by the end of the day, both teams undefeated. Juventus competed through both games without allowing a single goal to be scored against them, while also finishing the day with the two top-scoring games. Of the nine goals achieved by the Italian team, five were scored by team captain ETTORITO97 himself, an impressive feat that contributed to the decision to crown him Most Valuable Player of Group B from Day 1. He also obtained the most CO-OP points throughout the two games, with a total of 4,325, while the second highest amount was over 1,000 points lower, a position claimed by his teammate, LoScandalo, with 3,234 points. ETTORITO97 managed to play consistently well throughout the Regular Season, with another MVP title from the second matchday, and has continued to showcase his skill in the first day of the eFootball.Pro Cup. Ending eFootball.Pro as the top ranked player in proactive defense in the league, combined with the skillful offensive gameplay displayed in the new competition, this is Ettore’s chance to prove if Juventus can earn the title of eFootball.Pro Cup champions.  

The best goal award of Group B from the first day of the competition was given to Manchester United FC’s OSTRYBUCH. The youngster was also recognized in Matchday 1 of the eFootball.Pro Regular Season. This time he was awarded for his successful shot in minute 76’ of the second game of the day, when Manchester United FC faced Boavista FC. OSTRYBUCH’s shot was the sole goal of the game, and was responsible for putting the English club in the second place position, undefeated and positioned in Knockout Stage contention. Channon praised OSTRYBUCH’s gameplay throughout the day as “lethal,” proven through his impressive 3,199 CO-OP points, the third highest number of any Group B player. The play began with KAMS successfully evading the Portuguese defense, passing the ball the left side of their opponent’s side of the field, to captain E_c_oneill waiting between the center circle and the penalty arc, who then sent the ball directly to OSTRYBUCH, who was in near proximity closer to the goal. He then passed the ball back to the club captain, who was ready inside the penalty arc to then pass it directly back once OSTRYBUCH made it to the left side of the field right in the goal area line, where he then took the award-worthy shot. 

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