Christopher: “If we continue working like this, we will reach our goals”

Both FC Nantes’ Roksa and Arsenal FC’s S-Venom agreed that Alex Grd’s goal in the second game was the best of the matchday

FC Nantes and Arsenal FC won one game each on Matchday 4. Roksa explained how the first game was, with a comeback of the French team after an initial dominance of the English squad: “I think it was their best game so far, they were 2-0. Kepa and Aazbabysk said that we need to believe in us. We started to play and we scored a fast goal in the second half, then we scored another and in the last minute we had a free kick from a very good position.” But they missed, and Roksa talked this way about the exciting last minutes: “We didn’t score, then a corner kick and then the penalty. Kepa said ‘I hope I’m not shooting’ and I said the same. It was Aazbabysk shooting and it was perfect.”

The outcome of the second game was different and Roksa acknowledged the superiority of Arsenal: “We have to be honest, we had luck in the first game because we won. In the second game, we had a post in the first half but we didn’t have many opportunities afterwards. Arsenal scored a very good goal, I think the best goal of this round. They deserved it.”

Finally, he had a few words for their next rivals, Manchester United FC: “They are a very good team. I’ll play against my friend E_c_oneill and I hope we’ll win. It will be a hard game, we have two weeks to prepare and train hard. I think we could win at least one game.”

S-Venom was the Arsenal FC player answering the questions about the match to Harry Channon. He wasn’t satisfied with the final minutes of the first game: “After two goals and leading, we were pushed by FC Nantes. They are happier than us and we both share the three points. It’s unbelievable to receive a penalty in the 96th when the referee gave 3 minutes extra.”

But the second game had the opposite result, with a brilliant goal by Alex Grd. S-Venom said: “We played like Rocky, with the Eye of the Tiger this time. We have the best goal until now from my teammate Alex who did a really good job with Pepe. We deserved, not the six points, but at least four points. But it’s OK with three points and we are just improving.”

Captain Christpher talked about their next match against FC Schalke 04: “They are a good team. They are composed of players with a lot of experience and we have to respect them. Today they played well against FC Barcelona; unfortunately they took only one point but they deserved more.” Christopher had a few final words to praise his teammates: “We’ll continue working. I’m very proud of my teammates because they are working really hard with a lot of sacrifice. We deserved more, that’s why my face is not happy, but I’m very proud of the team. If we continue working like this, we’ll reach our goals.

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