The eFootball.Pro IQONIQ casters analyze the upcoming KO Stage fixtures

League casters Adam Butcher and Harry Channon anticipate the gameplay between the top six ranking clubs

Ahead of the final competition of the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, league host Adam Butcher and commentator Harry Channon spoke about the upcoming fixtures and potential matchups of the highly anticipated Knockout Stage. 

What are your thoughts on Quarterfinal 1 between FC Barcelona and FC Schalke 04?

AB: Barcelona on their day are unplayable, but inconsistent. Schalke aren't as explosive but have been very consistent. Which Barca side will turn up?

HC: Many people consider Barcelona to be the stronger side, but something about Schalke to me says they could be a real problem for teams in Knockout Stage competitions. Schalke seem to be a team that is built for knockout football, and Barcelona's form in the second half of the season has a lot of people wondering how far they can really go in the knockout rounds. Worth remembering of course that Schalke have the advantage psychologically after winning their matchup in the regular season.

Adam Butcher: "Juventus will fancy their chances against anyone in the league."


What are your thoughts on Quarterfinal 2 between AS Monaco and Arsenal FC?

AB: AS Monaco have been the tournament favourites for most of the season, and are the slight favourites here as well probably, as Arsenal's form has dipped slightly recently. It’s a tough call to make though. 

HC: This will be a true test of INDOMINATOR’s tactical prowess. We've seen Arsenal play some really nice passing football this season, and they were leading for long stretches of the campaign. Their progress seemed to stall towards the end however, and going up against the two time champions in AS Monaco, it's going to be a different kind of test for the Gunners. 

How do you think Juventus will play against either of the potential teams in the Semifinal?

AB: Juventus will fancy their chances against anyone in the league, but both teams have beaten them already this season. There are no easy games in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. 

HC: Juventus are worthy regular season champions. The worry for a lot of other Knockout Stage clubs is that Juventus didn't have too many major blemishes or embarrassments throughout the season. They picked up points on every single matchday. The big story will be whether or not ETTORITO97 can add the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ trophy to his enormous list of accolades.

Harry Channon: "Roma is a team that has caught a lot of squads off guard this season."

How do you think AS Roma will play against either of the potential teams in the Semifinal?

AB: AS Roma recently beat Arsenal 5-0 and also lost to Monaco 5-0....so I think that would sway their preference. 

HC: Roma is a team that has caught a lot of squads off guard this season. Their direct style of play makes a lot of defences play facing their own goal, which can cause chaos for any team that isn't on the same page defensively. They were very worthy of a top 2 finish in the Regular Season, they could cause a lot of damage to any team that matches up against them in the Semifinal.

What is the matchup you would be most interested to see in the Final?

AB: AS Monaco facing off against Juventus in the Final of the Knockout Stage would be my prediction for the end of the competition. 

HC: I honestly think any of the 6 Knockout Stage clubs could go on to win the competition; however, from a personal standpoint, I'd love to see a Monaco vs Juventus Final. It would be a star studded affair. Numerous world titles in both 1v1 & CO-OP play, on both sides of the pitch, and the two teams with the best attacking records in the regular season? Sign me up! 

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