barboza: “We made history for Arsenal”

Arsenal FC discusses securing a top six position, and Celtic FC is maintaining a positive outlook for future competitions

Arsenal FC and Celtic FC entered the final fixture of the Regular Season with the Gunners needing only a single point to qualify for the Knockout Stage. The English club ended the competition with an advancing position secured, and Celtic FC lifted themselves out of the last place position on the league table. Arsenal FC’s barboza and Celtic FC captain Jorcha spoke to Harry Channon about the results. 

Channon began with applauding the Gunners on their official qualification for the Knockout Stage. barboza started by congratulating his opponents in the league, then continued: “We know that we just needed a single point. The team tried everything to get the six points, but in the first game Celtic deserved the draw. In the end, we made history for Arsenal, we put our names in the club history. It’s the first time this club has achieved Knockout Stage contention. We’re happy with that, but not with the results of the day.” Discussing the upcoming playoffs, he stated: “These are the guys I want to work with. Now we have three weeks to work hard for the Knockout Stage. The big story starts now, anything can happen.”

Jorcha: "The most important thing when playing against Arsenal, in our opinion, is keeping the mind strong."

Looking forward to potential opponents in the Knockout stage, barboza acknowledged: “There’s no easy teams here, everyone can beat everyone. We trust in our gameplan, we trust in our teammates. We just have to keep working hard.”

Scottish club captain Jorcha was next up to interview with the league commentator. He analyzed the match: “They were very difficult games because Arsenal kept the ball a lot. We knew how to play against them. The most important thing when playing against Arsenal, in our opinion, is keeping the mind strong. We did very well. This was a good way to end the season.”

He then added a message to the club’s fans: “First of all, big thanks to all of our Celtic fans, and all of the followers of this amazing competition. This season was difficult for us, we couldn’t reach our best level in some situations, but we’ll come back stronger and we’ll fight for top six again.”

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