Barboza: “Now is when our championship starts”

Barboza (Boavista FC) and Alex Alguacil (FC Bayern München) talked about their exciting match on Matchday 4

Boavista FC captain Barboza answered Harry Channon’s questions after the match against FC Bayern München. “To begin with, we know that three points against FC Bayern München is a good result”, he began.” Then, he talked about the own goal in the first game that allowed Bayern’s comeback: “But when we saw what happened… three points is not good. It was a mistake but we had the capacity to improve our game in the second game and we won the game.”

He also talked about the top scorers ranking, since at the end of their match, he was leading it with 8 goals: Barboza stated: “It’s always good but we are here to fight with the team. We want points. It’s not a problem for me to lead the scoreboard if we can enter in the six top places.”

Barboza sees the competition this way: “I think that now our championship starts. We faced Juve, we faced Bayern, we faced Monaco and now our championship starts.” “Celtic is a good team, they have good team players and they are very similar to us. But we are here to make our points and keep going to our target”, he said about their next match against Celtic FC.

The match wasn’t of the likes of any of the teams, because both expected the six points. Alex Alguacil was the spokesperson of FC Bayern München: “It’s a strange feeling. We did our best but it’s true that the performance in the first minutes of both games wasn’t the best”. He also had good words for the team: “We are very strong mentally, as we showed at the end of both games. It’s amazing how we performed at the last minutes of the first game”. And finally he spoke about their rivals: “It’s a shame the beginning of the second game. We can’t concede two goals at the very beginning of a match. We did try to do our game but they were in position in the game and they played with the result.”

Alex Alguacil is confident on the team: “We did a really good performance, looking forward to the future. We have the skills, we have everything that we need to be on top. We’ll keep fighting. We came in good shape but it didn’t turn out very well. Let’s keep working for the next matchday”.

On Matchday 5, FC Bayern München will face Juventus, the club that has his two former teammates in the PES League World Champion CO-OP squad Broken Silence. Alguacil talked about it: “It will be a strange feeling. I used to play with them the whole two last years. First time we face each other with different colours and it will be a great fight. I hope people at home will enjoy, it will be a festival of football. We will do our best, we know how to face them.”

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