Alex Alguacil: “We had fun playing. We enjoyed the video game and the competition”

FC Bayern München players showed their joy during Harry Channon’s questions, while their rivals FC Barcelona highlight the importance of training

After the match between FC Bayern München and FC Barcelona, Alex Alguacil showed the satisfaction of winning both games and six points: “We are very happy. We had fun playing. I’m super proud of the boys.” He also talked about the change after Matchday 1, when they only got one point: “We had very difficult days the last few days. We couldn’t find how to perform. Personally I was playing very badly, but we were solid and all the hard work this last month paid off. We had luck in the second game, in return for the bad luck we had in the first Matchday.”

On Matchday 3, FC Bayern München will face FC Schalke 04 in a German derbi. Alguacil said that “it will be a tough game.” He explained: “They are the opposite of our game style. They try long balls and then win the headers, and they are a very intelligent team.” “We have to be even more solid than today, control the defence and the spaces”, he added.  

FC Barcelona’s GuiFera and his teammates were visibly sadden after the defeat. The Brazilian explained that they know how to face this situation: “We are prepared for victory and for loss. We will train in order to evolve in the next match. My expectations are a victory.”

“We are playing with Arsenal FC, a very good team. We will continue training to obtain a victory”, GuiFera said about Matchday 3. The team made of The_Palma, HenrykinhO and the PES world champion GuiFera knows that the solution to have better results in their matches is to train hard.

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