Alguacil: “Playing against ETTORITO97, one of the best in history, is a dream come true”

Alex Alguacil and ETTORITO97 talk about their match on Matchday 5 that helped the German team in their race towards the first position

Juventus and FC Bayern München were tied at the beginning of Matchday 5, but after their two games, the German team got four points with a victory and draw, and the Italians only one. Captain ETTORITO97 talked about the match: “In the first game they managed well the advantage 1-0 with a fantastic goal. Later we tried to have some goal chances but we didn’t do it and we lost. In the second game we were 1-0, we missed the 2-0 and they scored the 1-1. After the disconnection they managed, of course, the draw. For them it’s ok. Only 1 point for us.”

On Matchday 6, Juventus will play against FC Nantes. ETTORITO97 had also a few words about the French club: “FC Nantes is the best team in attack. We need to stay focused on defence and try to score all our chances against them.”

Alex Alguacil was the person in charge of expressing the reactions of FC Bayern München. He said: “We played against one of the favourites, Juventus, a terrific team to play against. We ended the two games with four points, which is super positive. The boys and I played really good. It was tough because in the second half of the second game we were playing very well, after equalising the game with 1-1 but we didn’t perform very strong.”

Later, Alguacil talked about his past with Broken Silence and how it was to play against his former PES League teammates: “It’s a dream come true, to play against ETTORITO97, one of the best in history. It was my first time playing against them after our history with Broken Silence.”

Finally, the Spanish player analysed their next rivals AS Monaco: “Next matchday will be a massive party of football. They are the best scoring. Each attack is amazing. They have some problems too, that we know more or less how to face. It will be a great battle and we are ready for them.”

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