ALEX GRD: “With this mentality we can do big things”

FC Barcelona celebrated the four points that brought them closer to KO Stage qualification, as Celtic FC expressed disappointment in losing the possibility of advancement

The Matchday 8 fixture between FC Barcelona and Celtic FC ended in one draw and one win for the Blaugrana club, which also resulted in the Scottish squad being the first to be taken out of the running for Knockout Stage contention in the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. ALEX GRD and Jorcha spoke with commentator Harry Channon about their thoughts on the outcome of their two games. 

Harry started the interview by congratulating the Barça trio on their valuable four point gain. ALEX GRD spoke about the games: “It was a very difficult competition. With our mentality we got four points, and I think it’s a good result. I’m very proud of Saúl and Alex, they’re young but you can tell they have the mentality to win big games. It’s important, because we have the skill, and now with this mentality we can do big things. I hope we’ll win next matchday, but we’re happy with the four points.”

Jorcha: "It’s a bad day for us, but we’ll try to do better and still get six points next week.”

For their final matchup of the Regular Season, Barcelona is set to face Galatasaray SK. ALEX GRD commented on the fixture: “They’re a very difficult team. They play well as a team, especially defensively. It’ll be difficult to win against Galatasaray, like we saw with AS Monaco today. But we’ll train to get the points we need to qualify.”

Channon then talked to Scottish club captain Jorcha, after Celtic FC officially fell out of the running for Knockout Stage qualification. Jorcha explained: “We’re very disappointed that we can’t reach the top six. We didn’t play badly, we played well. We had back luck in some situations in the second game. It’s okay, it’s the game, we know that we had to do better this season. This wasn’t enough to win two games against Barça. It’s a bad day for us, but we’ll try to do better and still get six points next week.”

Jorcha then discussed Celtic FC’s final matchup of the season against Arsenal FC: “It’ll be a very special game against my teammates from last year, Yos and Yan. We want the six points, it won’t be easy but we’ll try.”

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