ALEX GRD: “We’re young, we’re improving, and we’re training a lot”

Both AS Roma and FC Barcelona admit to missed opportunities in Matchday 1, and look to improve for next competition

To close out the first matchday of the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro, commentator Harry Channon first spoke with RoksaCzv22 of AS Roma, one of the new teams in the league this season. Observing their strong gameplay in the first game, and a more disappointing second competition, Channon asked the team captain how he felt about the performances. He responded in agreement: “The first game we started with was very good, we scored four goals.” However, regarding the following matchup, he admitted: “In the second game we made a mistake by leaving Messi alone. I missed a good chance.”

RoksaCzv22: "We need to be one hundred percent focused and we’ll need to score at every chance. It will be tough.”

Channon then inquired about the Italian club’s feelings about the tough fixture they’re slated for in the upcoming matchday, facing AS Monaco. RoksaCzv22 acknowledged that they’re one of the best teams in the league, noting: “We’ll prepare well and we’ll be training much more. I think we can do well. We need to be one hundred percent focused and we’ll need to score at every chance. It will be tough.”

In the final interview of Matchday 1, Harry spoke with FC Barcelona player ALEX GRD. Pointing out that the Blaugrana club conceded many goals in the first game, but came back well in the second game, he asked for ALEX GRD’s input. He responded: “It was a very difficult beginning of the first game. We need to forget this. We did great in the second game. We missed a lot of opportunities in both games. I feel that we didn’t have much luck with defense in the first game, but that’s okay. We’ll improve. We’re young, we’re improving, and we’re training a lot. I hope we’ll have the six points next matchday.”

Noting that FC Barcelona is set to face Arsenal FC, ALEX GRD’s former team, in the upcoming matchday, Channon asked about how they plan on preparing for the matchup. The team representative confidently claims: “I want the six points, minimum of four points. I think Arsenal has a great roster this year. We’ll train and we need to be focused on the competition.”

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