ALEX GRD: “We’re not finished and we still have two matchdays to play”

FC Barcelona plans to maintain a top six position, and FC Bayern München hopes to continue with their successful gameplay

FC Barcelona and FC Bayern München kicked off the Matchday 8 excitement with their matchup, which resulted in a first game win for the German club, and a draw in the second. This resulted in FC Bayern München taking four points to the league table and keeping their chance of Knockout Stage qualification alive. ALEX GRD and MESTRE spoke to eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon about the match. 

ALEX GRD was the first to be interviewed by Channon, who asked him if the club was disappointed in only taking one point by the conclusion of the competition. The Barcelona representative admitted: “They were to difficult games, like we expected. In the first game, I think we deserved a win. In the second, I think we did too but in the end we only got one point. We didn’t score on our chances. Bayern is a very good team. Three points was the goal, but we didn’t get them. We’ll see, we’re not finished and we have two matchdays to play. We want to qualify for the top six.”

MESTRE: "We’re training really hard and it’s finally paying off"

Looking forward to Matchday 8, Harry asked if FC Barcelona felt that their upcoming opponents, Celtic FC, would be easier to compete against. ALEX GRD warned: “There is no easy game. Celtic is better now, with Gagliardo28, he’s a very good player, so it’ll be difficult. I think we need six to nine points more by the end to be in the top six. We’ll fight again for six points and I hope we’ll be back after this.”

MESTRE was next up for the post-match interview. He began by mentioning their opponents, FC Barcelona: “I want to send a message to our Spanish fellows. They’re going through a bad situation but they’ll bounce back for sure. They have the ability, the skill, and the mental strength.” He then went on to analyze the competition: “I think we had a solid matchday. In the first game, we were better, in the second game we just got one point. In my opinion, we didn’t deserve the six points. We’re training really hard and it’s finally paying off. It’s hard to train every week then come to the matchday and not perform as we want. I hope we can get more points than today next week."

Channon then asked about their next opponents, Manchester United FC. MESTRE commented: “It’s going to be a tough battle because they’re critical. It’ll be a top six battle because we’re going to be close on the table. They’re all very intelligent and tactical. We’ll train as always and do our best, and hopefully get a matchday with six points finally.”

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