ALEX GRD: “I’m really happy with this matchday and the qualification”

The Blaugrana club is aiming for a championship win, and the Turkish club thanks fans for the support during their first season in the league

FC Barcelona faced Galatasaray SK for the first time in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ during the last matchday of the season, which concluded in a six point victory for the Blaugrana club. While the Turkish club was already out of the running for Knockout Stage contention, Barcelona was able to secure their advancement for the chance of competing for the championship title. Mucahit21 and ALEX GRD discussed the gameplay with commentator Harry Channon. 

To conclude the season for Galatasaray SK, Mucahit21 started with congratulating his opponents: “Congratulations to Barcelona, they were clinical and they scored on almost every chance they found.” He continued: “For us, it was a disappointing performance. We weren’t creative in front. I think this was our problem the whole season. We couldn’t create enough chances, it was a deserved win for Barcelona.”

Mucahit21: "We couldn’t create enough chances, it was a deserved win for Barcelona."

He then addressed the club’s fans, recognizing their support throughout their debut season in the league: “Big thanks to our fans. Even in this tough situation, we had many supporters throughout the whole season. Unfortunately, we couldn’t qualify for the playoffs. It’s disappointing for us but I hope we can participate next year in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ so we can show what we can really do.”

Harry then moved on to talking with ALEX GRD, first congratulations then on qualifying for advancement. The Barça representative looked back on the gameplay: “It was a very good performance. I think we played very professionally today. We scored fast in both games, so they were easier to manage. I’m really happy with this matchday and with the qualification.”

He then looked forward to the Knockout Stage commenting on any potential matchups: “All of the teams are equal in this competition. We don’t care who our opponents are. We'll try to play good football like we did in this last matchday of the season, and we’ll try to win the trophy.”

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