Alex Alguacil: “We want more, and we’re looking forward to the next matchdays”

FC Bayern München and Juventus conclude the first competition of the season tied towards bottom of league table

The expertly fought competition between FC Bayern München and Juventus resulted in both teams walking away from the matchday with two points, and placed further down in the standings than either team had hoped. 

ETTORITO97: “We play for the team. If anyone has the chance to pass the ball, we do it, because it’s not important who is first on the table."

eFootball.Pro commentator, Harry Channon, spoke with Juventus team captain, ETTORITO97, and asked him how he felt about the results of the two games. The Italian player acknowledged the results, stating: “They were critical games. We missed a lot of chances, so we’re a bit sad about the first match. The second one was okay. We’re happy.”

Channon then mentioned Juventus teammate LoScandalo, who managed to score three goals throughout the match, and questioned Ettore on whether or not he was expected to be the main goal scorer throughout the season. The captain maintained his team mentality: “We play for the team. If anyone has the chance to pass the ball, we do it, because it’s not important who is first on the table. But, if Renzo (LoScandalo) wins the top scorer, it would be good for us.” 

Looking forward to the next matchday where the Italian club will face Galatasaray, including their roster of rookies, ETTORITO97 recognized that it will be a difficult matchup, but was confident after the performance where they had just “played well against the champions of the eFootball.Pro Cup”, noting that that they aimed to improve by continuing with their training. 

Harry then checked in with FC Bayern München player and eFootball.Pro Cup Knockout Stage MVP, Alex Alguacil. Looking back on their performance, he remarked that it was a difficult matchday against the title contender, Juventus. Alguacil summed up the gameplay: “At the end, we were close to taking the four points. They did amazing. Looking at how we started, we’re happy, but we want more and we’re looking forward to the next matchdays.”

As two of the most feared clubs in eFootball.Pro, Alguacil predicted: “most of the teams in the league will be very happy with these tied points,” acknowledging their low placement in the standings. Reminding fans that Bayern “started with one point last season, in this one we’re starting with two. We keep improving step by step, point by point,” he points out the eFootball.Pro Cup championship team had a similar start last season, and they went on to dominate moving forward.

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